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The Key Questions To Answer

Is The Golf Ball Important?

In short, YES! Remember the golf ball is the one of the only pieces of equipment you use on every shot. You need to make sure you pick the right ball for you.

Should I Only Play One Type Of Golf Ball?

Often you find yourself reaching into your golf bag only to find that you have a wide collection of golf balls from various different brands. This isn’t going to help your golf game. Getting to know the behaviours of your golf ball can help you get up and down for par.

Beginners Golf Balls (Handicap Over 30 Or No Handicap)

If you're a beginner golfer keep it simple. We've all been a beginner at one point and understand the pain of losing golf ball after golf ball. One in the water followed by one lost in the bushes and before you know it you're down to your last ball...

All golf balls are manufactured to maximise distance so choosing a beginners golf ball, a 2-piece golf ball, is where you should start. These balls unsurprisingly have 2 layers, the core and outer cover, working together to help the ball to fly long and straight. This allows you to have fun and improve on the golf course without breaking the bank!

Inesis Distance 100 Golf Ball


Intermediate Golfers Golf Balls (Handicap 15-30)

If you're a regular golfer looking for something that offers more feel and control we recommend looking at premium 2-piece golf balls. These balls are typically softer than your beginners golf ball, providing a more pleasant feeling at impact with your club.

With their core and outer casing specifically designed to provide a soft contact, these balls will provide a much nicer sensation on the course.

Inesis Soft 500 Golf Ball

Advanced Golfers Golf Balls (Handicap <15)

Once you start to playing golf to a higher level you will want to consider purchasing a tour level golf ball. Typically these are made up of 3 layers, though some brands have added more. The combination of the second Surlyn layer and the outer Urethane cover provide a soft feel across the course.

They also tend to be low spinning golf balls on longer shots, giving you greater control off the tee as the ball flies lower and more straight through the air. Around the greens though it's a different story, with the urethane cover providing maximum backspin and player control on approaches. As we all know, if you can hit the ball closer you will start making birdies!

Inesis Tour 900 Golf Ball



Golf can be an expensive game, but it doesn't have to be!

That's why we've recommended golf balls that are best suited to your level to prevent you from overspending on your golf balls. You'll also notice that at Decathlon our golf balls are priced as competitively as possible. We'll always try our hardest to develop products for our customers at affordable prices because we believe golf is for everyone.

In Conclusion

The best thing you can do is test a few different types of golf balls and find one that suits your golf swing and feel. Don't forget there's a wide range of colours and finishes out there to help you in different conditions or reflect your personality on the course. Happy golfing!

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