Planning to start Table Tennis? Playing at your house? Or in a club? Or an intermediate? Or an advanced player? These questions form a big cloud in our mind when it comes to choosing a Table Tennis racket and more importantly THE RIGHT ONE. 

However, you need not worry. By the end of this article, you shall gain some decent confidence in choosing one of them. So do read it till the end.

1. I am a BEGINNER

Let’s go back to the past and recollect how we learned to walk. Initially, it was baby steps, then it was fast walking, and then finally we ran. While we are taking baby steps as a beginner -> the key factor is LESS SPEED MORE CONTROL. Hence, it is advisable to go for a high control racket that helps you place the ball on the table despite your eccentric action as a beginner. Typically a high control, high spin, and medium or low speed with a 2 mm soft rubber sponge is good to start with.

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Now that we have learned to fast walk i.e. having placed the balls on the table more comfortably and consistently, you would have developed the right action which helps you control the racket with greater ease however you need more SPEED and SPIN. Hence go for a racket that is a medium control, medium speed, and high spin with a 2 mm sponge (harder than a beginner racket).

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3. I am a PRO

Here the equation changes a bit. Based on your playing style, you need to decide on a racket here. Playing styles could be:

  1. I play close (50 cm to 1m away from the table)
  2. I play mid-distance (around 1 m to 2 m away from the table)
  3. I play far distance (>2m away from the table)
  4. For close game players, always go for a high spin, medium control, and medium speed racket with a 5 layer ply. If you like playing counters, love blocking a lot, then go for such a racket.

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b) For mid-distance players, you may go for a high spin, medium control, and high-speed racket with a 7 layer ply. Also, these types of blades are often called ALC blades. These types of players love playing more topspin to topspin rallies.

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Having said that, I hope this had helped you to gain some confidence in buying a Table Tennis bat. Any questions? Post it below or get in touch with our sport leader, we would love to help you out. 

Cheers ☺

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