In order to cope with the cold, heat, wind and damp, you must take great care when choosing sailing shoes to ensure they respect different criteria. Your choice of yacht sailing shoes will depend on two criteria: the weather conditions you sail in and how often you sail.

1. Depending on Weather Conditions

sailing shoes for all weather conditions

Insulated sailing boots are used in cold and wet climatic conditions to keep your feet dry and warm.

sailing shoes for hot weather

Yacht sailing shoes are used for outings in fine weather. Highly-waterproof footwear isn’t necessary but you will need good grip to avoid slipping on a wet deck.

2. Depending on how Often You Sail

sailing shoes

SHOES For recreational sailors, the main priorities are:

  • Non-slip/non-marking
  • Comfort
  • Support

For regular sailors, The following features are also necessary:

  • Waterproof/breathable
  • Light
  • Water dispersal/fast drying

Sailing shoes

BOOTS For recreational sailors, the main priorities are:

  • Non-slip/ Non-marking
  • Waterproofing/breathability

For regular sailors, another feature is required:

  • Flexibility

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