Protect your toddlers' skin effectively at all times: when they play by the water, build sand castles or try their hand at gliding along the waves, the anti-UV t-shirt protects them in all their movements.

1. The Anti-UV T-Shirt: An Effective and Practical Sun Protection

On the coast, limit the risks of sun exposure by always taking with the full kit of sun protection with you: the essential trio cream, hat, sunglasses is completed with an anti-UV t-shirt for children. It is the most effective protection for the sensitive skin of your little ones.

But be careful: not all t-shirts protect against UV! A classic white t-shirt offers only a light protection from the sun, and quickly becomes useless as soon as the fabric gets wet.

2. The T-Shirt Anti-UV for Kids, Adapted for Toddlers Who Are on the Move

Run, jump, play in the water, then on the sand: children never run out of ways to have fun on the beach! One of the main advantages of the anti-UV water shirt is its versatility: this beachwear protects your tribe from the sun in all conditions, in the water as well as on the beach.

With many children, applying sunscreen to each child every 2 hours can quickly become a time-consuming activity for parents and a frustrating one for the little ones eager to play.

Choosing a rash vest for your kids means reducing the time needed for this summertime chore: only the areas of the body which are not protected by the anti-UV t-shirt need to be covered with sunscreen.

Decathlon tip: if you are longing to read, uninterrupted for hours in the sun, the anti-UV t-shirt has the equivalent to a sun block SPF50 applied after each swim and every 2 hours!

3. UPF 50+ Standard, For High Protection Against the Sun's Rays

Choose anti uv t shirt for your child

UPF 50+ anti-UV children's clothing meets European sun protection standards and its effectiveness is recognised by doctors worldwide.

What does this UPF 50+ standard mean in practice? By focusing on this level of protection, you can be sure that your baby's anti UV t-shirt blocks 95% of UVA rays and 98% of UVB rays. How? Ceramic particles integrated into the fibres of the garment. The sun protection is optimal, even in case of prolonged exposure.

4. The Rash Vest: Technical and Colourful Beachwear

Kids beach wear

The rash vests have cuts, colours and modern designs, perfect keep your children’s skin safe without neglecting their style. The technical assets operate behind the scenes. Most rash vests are in fact equipped with:

This high-spec fabric is also water repellant - so the water runs off. If the air gets cooler during the day, your kids won't stay soaked for hours when they get out of the water!

The tight mesh of the UV-protection t-shirts prevents the sand grains from getting stuck between the meshes. It’s also helpful for parents as sand stays at the beach - and doesn’t come back to your car, home or hotel room!

The anti-UV t-shirt remains well in place thanks to a loop located on the front of the OLAIAN t-shirts. Using this, you can attach the rash vest to your child's bathing suit with the drawstring.

For kids who are hooked on surfing, some anti-UV children's tops are equipped with a fleece interior, which helps to reduce hypothermia when getting into the water.

5. Anti-UV Top or Anti-UV T-Shirt for Your Kids: Which is the Difference?

The anti-UV top is designed for sliding sports. The freedom of movement is greater for your children during their first experiences in bodyboard or surf.

This is a garment with a classic and loose style, for more comfort, but also an easy to put on fit for children.

Decathlon tip: even with the excellent protection against the sun rays with the anti-UV t-shirts, avoid exposure to the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm. Furthermore - are you already equipped with a solar shelter or a parasol to go to the beach with your family?


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