Hi I am Raghu and I've been been trekking and backpacking for about 12 years now, every time I meet my friends or people who want to travel the first question they ask me is what backpack I use and where I got it. I don’t recommend any particular models or bags because after traveling for quite a bit I realized a backpack is very personal and also I have about 5 or 6 with me for different uses. With many requests for backpack suggestions finally, I have decided to write about it and hopefully, after reading this anyone would be able to choose a perfect backpack for themselves. Though choosing a backpack is a very individual-oriented opinion and there is no fixed rule the following pointers would help in narrowing down the options and guide in what to look for if you are a novice 

The major things to look for while choosing a backpack 

Travel sty
  • Travel style
  • Capacity
  • Backpack Type
  • Fit and Comfort

Travel style

       The first thing one must decide while buying is the style of travel you would do, short trips or heavy haul, what it means how long is your trip, is it going to be a weekend getaway or a yearly vacation which can go for 3 -4 weeks, which ones would be doing more. A 30 to 40-liter backpack would be good for a weekend getaway and bigger ones for longer holidays. The best way to decide this is to lay out the things you think u would carry for the trip all the necessary ones including a few clothes this helps in getting a rough idea of how big a backpack you need.

Highlight: Decide how much and what all you are going to carry for the trip


Once the travel style is fixed the next would be to decide the capacity. If you are a traveler like me who carries his entire world or a light backpacker who wants to be more flexible, I call this a traveling character. a small backpack like trek 100 50l makes no sense when you wanna carry a lot of things but also having a huge backpack like trek 900 with too much space inside would be a hindrance while moving as the things inside would be shuffling around. So, choosing the proper capacity makes a huge impact.

So after laying out all the things you would be carrying you already have an idea of how big your bad needs to be and the following table would make it easier with the following table

Highlight: Choose the capacity of the bag

Backpack Type

          Now we have tackled the basics of choosing a backpack style and capacity, the next thing to look for is the type of backpack that would suit you though this isn’t a very crucial factor as the basic qualities of a backpack are gonna be the same but this makes you get the best value for the money you are paying and also plays a good role in making your trip a bit more enjoyable and less strenuous on your body. The types of backpacks in the market are trekking/expedition and backpacking/travel and selecting them depends on what plans you have for the future if trekking is gonna be a majority of your travel or you are a business traveler or a leisure backpacker 


To choose from these you need to understand the differences

A trekking backpack like trek 100 or trek 500 is lighter and more focused on providing easy access to things and lots of provisions to attach things on the outside and is made up of a more durable rip-stop fabric. Its gonna be less comfortable in comparison to your travel bags but they are more stream light and designed to hug our body's anatomy.

A backpacking rucksack like Travel 100 is a bit heavier but provides more cushioning and increased security with provisions to lock the bag. They are designed to give you maximum comfort and to make sure you are relaxed during those long layovers or train journeys that can be got for several days.

Fit & Comfort

The final thing to check is the comfort and how the bag fits, This is what makes a backpack more personal. If you are like me always having a backpack on your shoulders you would know how important it is to choose the best fit. To put things in perspective for a first-time buyer, understand that your backpack is gonna be on you for most of the trip and any problem that you have while trying is gonna stay throughout your trip and with time it will be more to bear. make sure there is adequate padding where you want, clip on the sternum strap to make sure it fits your chest snugly and doesn’t restrict your normal breathing adjustment straps. It would be great if you can get the bag filled and carry it around before finalizing.  waist belts are in place for your anatomy. Remember even the best backpacks will be useless if it doesn’t fit properly

Here are a few backpacks and their features.

Travel 100
Travel 100

A very great backpack for beginners to start backpacking with ample space while not being too big and lots of features for safety. 

  • Beginner Travel backpack
  • huge n spacious
  • wide opening to take things out easily
  • option to lock the zippers

Travel 500

For the advanced and more frequent backpackers who prefer to carry more they can opt for travel 500 which is more spacious, comes with an under-bag compartment to store your footwear and. And a detachable hood that can be used as a messenger bag

  • very huge
  • separate compartment  for shoes
  • Option to lock the zippers
  • Detachable Hood

Trek 100

This is a very compact and sturdy backpack for beginner trekkers or light treks with the support system that adapts your body's anatomy it becomes very comfortable, for smaller treks 

  • Compact yet spacious
  • Front and top-loading
  • Easy adjustment

Trek 500

A bag designed for high altitude treks with huge openings and lots of features to access your gear easily this bag is my personal favorite for having a good balance of capacity and size.

  • Durable material
  • lightweight Frame
  • Multiple compartments

Trek 900

The trek 900 is for advanced trekkers doing long treks more often, with lots of adjustment straps, load distribution becomes an easy task with this,

  • Expandable to +10L
  • Internal straps
  • Accommodate sleeping mat
  • In-Built Tent Holder straps
  • Symbian function to improve mobility in heavy load

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