The reel is an essential item of fishing equipment. It means you can bring in fish by reeling but you can also "drag" on the line coming out when the fish pulls on the line to control it better.

1. Why Do You Need to Adjust Your Drag?

If the drag is not properly adjusted you risk losing your fish. If it's not tight enough, you risk the fish taking too much line by pulling on it which increases the risk of it becoming unhooked. On the contrary, if the drag is too tight, all the strength of the fish will be transferred to the rod and the line increasing the risk of breakages.

2. Adjusting the Drag in 2 Steps 

Adjustments are made using the drag knob on the front or the back depending on the reel model.

Step 1: hold your reel (drag released) in one hand and the line in the other.

Step 2: gradually tighten the drag knob until the tension exerted on the line is enough to control the fish. The setting should be adjusted to suit the size and the liveliness of the fish being fished.

Your reel is now adjusted. If, while fishing, the fish releases the line too easily, re-tighten the drag knob a few notches

#Caperlan Tip 
Release the drag on your reel before storing it to protect the discs. 


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