The following article will throw light on what sort of hockey equipment is essential for a good game of hockey. There will also be a focus on field hockey equipment along with the various types of the hockey stick that are available.


Hockey is not just a game played for fun but is also a recognized sport among sportsmen. Just by knowing the rules and regulations, without any equipment playing the game can be quite hard. Especially when it comes to field hockey it is important to know what are some of the important hockey equipment and which ones are the best field hockey equipment that ensures safety and guards you during the game. Based on your position in the game, your hockey equipment list can change. If you are unaware of the position you are going to take up then you might want to stick to the standard hockey equipment list that will be provided below.

Equipment required for hockey players

Apart from a hockey stick and a ball, there are various other hockey equipment that will be needed as a part of the hockey gear to play a professional game of field hockey. Some of the major equipment that you might want to keep handy can be provided as follows:

Hockey stick 

The hockey stick is the basic equipment that you need when playing the game of hockey. This wooden stick varies in length between 26 inches to 38.5 inches which will be dependent on the height of the player. The bat consists of a hook-shaped curve at the head. There are four different types of hockey sticks namely shorti, midi, maxi, and J Hook. The use of this various hockey stick will depend on the efficiency of the player holding the ball.

Stick bag

A stick bag helps you carry all your hockey gear in a single place conveniently especially when traveling from one place to another. This also allows you to carry multiple hockey sticks in one go.


While hockey is considered to be a zero-contact sport, it is essential for a player to wear a mouthguard at all times, especially during hockey matches. The main motive for wearing a mouth guard is to protect you from a concussion when you get into a collision with another player or a ball is thrown toward you.


The type of hockey shoes that you will select will depend on the surface where the hockey game will be played. If you are playing on a grass field then a cleat will be the most suitable. The soles will consist of larger studs which enable better grips and quicker cuts along with faster transitions. However, if you are playing on artificial turf then hockey shoes that consist of smaller studs would be better for gripping. Lastly, if you are playing in an indoor setting then court shoes are the ideal ones as they have maximum grips for smooth surfaces indoors. If you are to choose ice hockey then using hockey skates are one of the best option. 

Shin guard

Shin guards that are used by hockey game players are quite different from the ones that are used by soccer players. Shin guards in hockey tend to cover the athlete’s knees down to their ankles. When players take part in field hockey the shins are the ones that take up the most beating from sticks and balls. Hence it is important to buy a pair of good-quality shin guards.

Socks and rash guards

Socks are very important to be worn especially while wearing your hockey shoes because if you do not wear them you might face some blisters. Rash guards however can be optional. They are worn under your shin guards and secure your shin from getting constantly rubbed against the guards that you wear.

Hockey ball

Hockey ball is another main component without which a hockey game cannot be played. If you are a beginner in hockey then you might want to get a turf ball instead of a regular practice ball. Field hockey balls tend to be hard, dense, and rubber-like and they are also quite fast when thrown.


Constant use of hockey sticks tends to wear out the grip of the stick it is hence essential to use a hand grip as a part of your hockey gear that will help you get a proper hold of your hockey stick.

Electrical tape

Electrical tape tends to protect your hockey stick from dents, wear and tear. If you are a beginner in ice hockey then attaching the electrical tape to the bottom of your stick will also help you to stop the ball.

 Hockey pants

Using padded hockey pants tends to protect a major portion of your body. It is hence important to find a snug pair of hockey pants that are neither too tight nor too loose. The last thing you’d want to do is tug on your pants when you’re about to score a goal.

Equipment required for the Goalie

As a goalie, the requirement of equipment tends to change. As a goalie, the main motive will be to stop goals while also ensuring that you remain safe. Some of the must have the hockey equipment list when you are a goalie can be provided as follows:


The helmet tends to protect your face and head from injury during the game. When buying a helmet, you need to be careful regarding the fit of the helmet along with the visibility you get when you wear the helmet. It is important that even after you wear the helmet you can easily spot the ball at all times. You might also want to check whether the cage on the helmet is durable enough.

Chest pad

The chest pad helps protect the torso of the goalie with heavy padding being added to it. Full-body chest pads also consist of elbow guards.

Right and Left Hand Protector

The left-hand protector normally is flat and stiff as it enables the goalie to stop high shots. Whereas on the other hand, the right-hand protector tends to be a bit rounder and harder which is designed to fit around the stick. This is depending on whether you’re right or left-handed. Vice versa will be truly based on your dominant hand.

Arms and Elbow Protector

For your body armor to be complete you need to ensure you have included the arms and elbow protector. They tend to keep our arms and elbows safe especially with the thick padding present. Though it’s quite rare one gets hit in that area it is better to stay safe.

Throat protector

The throat protector according to the International Hockey Federation is the utmost important piece of equipment for all goalies no matter what age. They are designed in such a way that they will protect your throat from any high shots.

Groin/Pelvic Protector

Being a goalie, you might want to invest in a groin protector.

Goalie Girdles

Goalie girdles provide that extra protection to your lower body especially your upper legs, groin, and hips from the high shots that are being hit.

Leg Guards

While the goalie pants do protect you from any sort of harm, especially with respect to the upper legs, it hardly saves the lower legs. It is hence important to invest in good pair of leg guards that cover from the knee to the top of your feet.


Kickers come in as additional protection for both your legs and shin. They usually come along with the leg guards.  

Top 5 hockey equipment in 2023

Hockey stick- Adults- Fiberglass- FH110- Red

Hockey stick- Adults- Fiberglass- FH110- Red is designed in such a way that players can gain easy control with a little power. The 100% fiberglass used in the hockey stick tends to provide great control over the ball. The flexible stick also helps feel the ball touch at the end of the stick. Lower vibration also helps handle the hockey stick with ease.

Size: 32 to 37.5 inches

Composition: 100% fiberglass

 Price: Rs. 2,999/-

Adult Low Intensity Field Hockey Shoes FH100 - Yellow/Blue

Adult Low-Intensity Field Hockey Shoes FH100 - Yellow/Blue is specifically designed for hockey players who are interested in playing field hockey at low intensity and is much more suitable for beginners. The cone spikes made up of hard rubber provide a great grip and it being lightweight about 290g provides ease in running around.

Size: UK 3 to UK 11

Weight: 290g

Price: Rs. 2,299/-

Hockey Ball

The Kipsta Hockey Ball is a great piece of equipment for training both adults and kids. It is a PU ball and hence durability is guaranteed. The lightweight smooth ball tends to roll easily and hence providing a better chance at hitting. The price of the hockey ball is Rs. 140/-

Hockey Mouth Guard - Adult - FH100

Hockey Mouth Guard - Adult - FH100 is the most suited mouthguard for beginners, especially those who are adults. With full coverage right from teeth to parts of gum it ensures complete protection for your mouth. It is also designed in such a way that it can fit snugly based on your mouth shape. There is also a built-in breathing channel that helps you breathe even when you’ve kept your jaw closed.

Size: S, M, L

Price: Rs. 399/-

Hockey Stick Bag FH100 - Blue

Hockey Stick Bag FH100 – Blue is designed for both teens and adults who are looking for a storage bag that you can carry around. The durable PU fabric case use makes it one that can be used for years. The single adjustable strap also provides comfort based on your choices.


Well, now that you are completely aware of the field hockey equipment that you need to play hockey it is now important to check what sort of products match your requirements. And once you get the hockey equipment list it is time to enter the field and get some practice. Also do remember it is through practice that you will be accustomed to this equipment.


  1. What is hockey equipment made of?

The hockey equipment is usually made out of fiberglass as it is not just durable but also provides great grip to the players using it.

  1. What is the best hockey equipment?

Some of the best hockey equipment can be provided as follows:

  • Hockey stick- Adults- Fiberglass- FH110- Red
  • Hockey Stick Bag FH100 – Blue
  • Hockey Mouth Guard - Adult - FH100
  1. What was the first hockey equipment?

According to the record provided by International Ice Hockey Federation, the first hockey equipment was rudimentary hockey skates that were strapped to leather boots and wooden hockey sticks.


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