It took me nearly a decade to convince myself to attempt the 10k. As a beginner, I understand how normal it is to have a series of questions, doubts and anxieties before the big run. The most common doubt that might most naturally erupt is whether you have the stamina to finish or what is the right way to train prior to the run to keep you at your desired pace throughout.

Here's a schedule that you can opt to follow in order to build yourself up and prepare for your first 10K.

Training Schedule - Beginner Level


Cross training/Rest: On rest day, you can opt to do a few light cross-training exercises such as cycling, swimming, aqua jogging and elliptical

Strength training is also important to prevent yourself from injury but don’t lift any weights. Here are few exercises that you can try at home.

  1. 20 Squat each set (do two sets)
  2. 15 heel raises each set (do two sets)
  3. 10 lunges on each leg
  4. Front plank (hold for 20 Sec)
  5. Side plank (hold for 20 Sec)
  6. Bicycle Crunch

Long Runs

Try to run longer distances, it will improve your stamina and help your body to adapt for 10K running. Try to build your speed over the course of each long run but don’t go way beyond your comfortable pace. Your easy run should be done at a normal pace.

Now that you have a schedule, it's important to follow it every day and remain stress-free about not just conquering the distance but conquering it well.

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