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Start On The Driving Range

The practice range is the perfect place for beginners to start their golfing journey. You can stay for as long as you want and don't have to worry about the group behind watching your every shot. It's also more relaxed than your typical golf course, with no dress code and wide range of abilities to help you ease yourself in.

Most good driving ranges will have a selection of golf clubs for you try for free too, meaning you can hit a bucket of golf balls without even having to buy your own clubs. Don't worry about anyone else on the range, we all started as beginners!

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The Dream Driving Range?

Book Some Golf Lessons

With the seemingly never-ending collection of instruction books, articles and videos you might think you can teach yourself how to play golf.Although you can pick up some good tips, taking golf lessons with your local golf pro is definitely the quickest and most effective way to learn how to play golf. They'll teach you the fundamentals of the golf swing, including how to grip your golf clubs.

We also advise against relying on your better half or best friend to teach you the basics. It's great to have someone you know introduce you to the game, but they could do you more harm than good!

Keep It Fun!

When you're starting out as a beginner you've got to have fun. Don't just whack golf balls aimlessly on the range or you'll soon get bored and frustrated. With the help of your pro, make up some games to keep your practice interesting. When on the range we like picking out targets at different distances and then keep rotating between them to test all of our game.

Play Golf At Home

We're not saying to tee it up in your lounge, but with our Golf at Home range you can get some valuable practice in the comfort of your own home.Practice your chipping with foam golf balls and our chipping net. Or get yourself a putting set or putting mat to hone your putting technique in front of the TV. Playing golf at home is a great way for beginners to practice their newly acquired skills.

Inesis Putting Set


Get Your Beginners Golf Clubs

Once you've had a few lessons and range sessions, you're going to want your own clubs! We recommend starting with a beginners half set from Inesis. These sets have 7 clubs (the maximum allowed is 14) that let you learn the game without breaking the bank. The golf clubs included in the set have been specifically chosen to cover every distance on the golf course meaning you can play 18 holes with no issues.

They're also designed to make golf easier, with a focus on getting the ball in the air and forgiveness, making golf much more fun!


Get Your Golfing Essentials

Before you head to the course you just need to make sure you've got the essentials. We've listed them below to help you out.

  1. Golf Balls
  2. Golf Bag (for your new clubs!)
  3. Golf Polo Shirt
  4. Golf Shoes
  5. Golf Glove
  6. Golf Tees

There's only one thing left to do now!

Head To The Course!

By now you'll be more than ready to head to the course! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun. Start with a par 3 course or 9 holes to ease yourself in. Don't worry about keeping score to start with and enjoy those shots that fly through the air towards the green. Granted, you're going to lose some golf balls along the way, but don't let that get you down.

Don't forget your wallet either. You'll want to stop off at the 19th hole (the clubhouse bar) for some refreshments and may even make some new friends to go out with next time.

Enjoy your golfing journey, there's plenty of good times ahead!

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