A quality football uniform may play a significant role in your team's success. The players' health is excellently protected by the football uniform, which also acts as the foundation of the squad. When playing football, several key times might turn dangerous or challenging. When the players are dressed in a top-notch football uniform, they can continue playing without fear of injury in such circumstances. This article provides details about which items are considered to be a requirement in a football essential kit.


Socks, a shirt, shorts, shin guards, and footwear make up the majority of the football essential kit. The goalkeepers must also wear clothing that is easily distinguishable from that of the other players and match officials. Goalkeeper clothing and equipment, such as gloves and leg pads, are included in a well-organized football essential kit.

Goalkeepers use headgear to shield their eyes from the sun as they play. The readily accessible football equipment includes shoes, which are also a significant component. Since they pose a risk to the players, watches and jewellery are not permitted in football essentials.

The match officials also have their football uniforms. The pure-black football uniform is worn by all match officials, including assistant referees, fourth officials, and referees. The pockets on the referees' jerseys make it easy for them to carry the red and yellow cards as well as the referee's notebook.

Essential Items For Any Football Kit

Shin Guards: Adult Football Shin Pads F500 Viralto - White/Grey

The F500 shin pad and support sleeve were designed by Decathlon's football product specialists to be lightweight and strong. In the tackle, it shields the shins. The shin pad is held in place by an elasticized sleeve. It provides the ideal fit for your leg. Utilizing the support system in conjunction with the shin pad is highly advised. It is offered for Rs.799, including all taxes.

Uses & Importance of the Product: One of the recommended preventive measures is the use of shin protectors. Their major job is to shield the bones and soft tissues of the lower extremities from outside impact. Shin guards reduce the risk of serious injuries by absorbing stress and promoting energy dissipation.

Football Boots: Men's Football Boots Agility 100 FG - Black

This flexible pair of Agility 100 football boots was made by Decathlon's product design team for use on dry fields once a week. With its numerous little sculpted studs, it offers incredible traction. On dry pitches, the top and outsole components are resistant to wear. Your foot is kept in position by the inside stiffeners. To withstand the demands of a football season, it is built of PU. Additionally, you may have the Workshop at your neighbourhood Decathlon store and print your name or number on the shoe. It is offered for Rs.1,699 total, including taxes.

Uses & Importance of the Product: Cleats for soccer are a crucial piece of a player's kit. They are made to grip the ground and offer traction on the pitch to prevent slipping and sliding. Rubber, synthetic materials like nylon and polyurethane, leather, and other materials are all used to make soccer cleats.

Football Socks: Adult Football Socks F100 - Blue

This F100 football sock was developed by Decathlon's football designers for once-weekly football practice. For better ventilation, there is a vented section on the instep. Additionally, it is very lightweight and uses polyester, which helps wick away moisture. Because of its eco-friendly design, it requires less maintenance. It is offered for Rs. 499, taxes included.

Uses & Importance of the Product: Socks are important to prevent blisters, protect your feet from impact and pressure, fast remove waste from muscles, improved muscle stamina, fast recovery, warmer feet, and prevent foot odour.

Football Shorts: Men's Football Shorts F100 - Black

Decathlon’s football product designers have created these football shorts for use in training and matches one to three times a week. The fabric of these shorts keeps wicks away perspiration. It weighs only 127 grams in size L and the air dries it very quickly. Moreover, it is easy to maintain as it is highly durable on one wash. It is available for Rs. 699 inclusive of all taxes.

Uses & Importance of the Product: Shorts are usually worn in warm weather or in settings where comfort and airflow take precedence over leg protection.

Football Jersey: Adult Shirt FF100 - Argentina 2022

Designed for ardent supporters who wish to eloquently raise the flag for their nation or preferred team in any circumstance. The T-shirt is made of 100% cotton and 30% recycled material, which lowers carbon emissions by 35%. This contemporary t-shirt has a fitted shape and embellishments that give it a classy yet casual feel. Everything about this t-shirt adds a special touch, from the double stitching on the arms and collar to the coloured lines down the back and the tiny flags at the bottom. It can be purchased for Rs. 899, including all taxes.

Uses & Importance of the Product: A sports jersey is a shirt that team members don to show that they are a part of the team. The names and/or numbers of the wearers are displayed on the jerseys, which also typically display the team's colours and logo. Since uniforms make players look alike, numbers are frequently used to distinguish players.

Footballs: Football Ball Match Size 5 FIFA Pro F900 - Red

The F900 was created by Decathlon employing thermobonding to meet FIFA Quality Pro criteria for your workouts and competitions. Because there are no seams, the item has a wonderful feel. Durability is provided by the thermobonded structure and laminated bladder. Thanks to the bladder made of butyl/latex, the ball pressure will remain constant for longer. This ball has a 5 mm foam outer cover for maximum comfort and meets international standards for a bounce.

Uses & Importance of the Product: Well this is the most significant equipment required in the game because, without a ball, the game cannot be played.


There are a few factors to take into account when looking for an excellent football kit to obtain the newest and most useful football equipment. To achieve the right protection, check that the shin guards with the package are constructed of high-quality materials when you buy them. To allow for proper and simple movement, the boots must also be composed of high-quality material.

It is best to switch out the football uniform as soon as possible if the gear and clothing are uncomfortable to use or wear. It's equally crucial to establish a budget before purchasing a football uniform. So it is always preferable to have a great, high-quality, and safe football kit rather than playing the game with amateurish and unsafe equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kit do you need for football?

There are five distinct items listed: a shirt (also called a jersey), shorts, socks (also called stockings), shoes, and shin guards. Goalkeepers may substitute tracksuit bottoms for shorts.

What do I need in my football bag?

  • Shin guards
  • Football boots
  • Football socks
  • Football shorts
  • Football jersey
  • Football

What is the most important equipment in football?

The most important piece of equipment in football is the ball itself because without it the game can never begin.

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