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No matter what your level of play, your stings are very important and they can be the deciding factor in a match. The strings are the engine of your racquet frame and need to be changed regularly depending on how often you play. The more you play the more you need to replace them, simple right?

Strings are important because they can enhance your feel, comfort, and power. They will actually start to lose tension immediately once they come off the stringer. Certain types of string can lose up to 10% of their tension in the first night after restringing, and additional tension loss occurs each time that you play. So if you’re not careful your game can really suffer if your strings aren’t well looked after.

How Often Should You Restring?

Well, that all depends on you. It’s usually related to how often you play. If you’re playing year rounds we feel the minimum is about 4 times a year. Any less than that and you’ll miss out on some feel and power you might normally have with a taunt racquet.

What If You Play A Lot?

It might seem obvious, if you play a lot you have to restring your racquet more often. If you’re playing 5 times a week you might have to restring 5 times a year. And if you’re playing 7 times a year that number might be as high as 7.

Seasonal Player?

If you only play during the summer (or winter months depending on where you are) you should restring your racquet before your first match and every three months after that.

What Does It Cost To Restring A Tennis Racquet?

The cost to restring your racquet really depends on your local area. It might cost more if you’re in a large city than a smaller town. A quick Google search should yield some results in your area, also don’t be afraid to ask your Tennis partners or the Tennis pro at your local club. Keeping your racquet properly strung is an important part of your game, think of it like training.

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