Are you tired of staying at home due to this pandemic? It is almost certain that one is bound to have put on some weight throughout the multiple lockdowns. What if we tell you that an exercise cycle for weight loss can be a great companion at home? Recent trend analysis showed a spike in the sale of home workout equipment, and the aport equipment market is to be valued at $23.27 billion by 2025. Hence, we will talk about exercise cycles, and how the benefits of exercise cycles for weight loss outweigh the hindrances of keeping one at home.


If you have decided to work on your fitness, then this is the right article for you. An exercise cycle for weight loss can be the right home fitness equipment to help you stay active and fit. However, owning the right equipment is not the only thing that will help.

There are many stationary bikes for weight loss available in the market, and this article will help you to choose the right one for your needs. With an exercise cycle, you can do a lot of exercises, like cardio, working on your legs’ muscles, increasing stamina, etc.

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts prefer keeping one at home, and especially during this lockdown, you can squeeze in some extra workouts while being at home! You will have to set targets for yourself while using the cycling machine for weight loss. You can start with ten to fifteen minutes of cycling, thrice daily to get yourself accustomed to the equipment.

Later on, you can increase the duration and intensity of the cycling. The benefits of exercise cycles for weight loss can be getting back in shape, improving your heart and lungs, too. It will certainly keep unhealthy physical conditions like cholesterol, diabetes, breathing problems, body ache, etc. away from you.

So, are you interested in setting yourself up with an exercise cycle for weight loss at home? You will need to know what an exercise cycle is before gearing up to buy one.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is an Exercise Cycle?
  2. How to find the perfect Exercise Cycle?
  3. Choosing the right Exercise Cycle for your needs
  4. Using your Exercise Cycle in the right manner
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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What Is An Exercise Cycle?

An exercise bike for weight loss is a very specialised and unique home fitness equipment, which looks like a bicycle. However, it is much more than that and usually is not accompanied by wheels. It is used by fitness enthusiasts for home cycling and cardio-based workout. The structure of the exercise cycle is exactly like a regular cycle with pedals, saddles, and handlebars.

Since there are no wheels, it restricts mobility. Still, you can paddle and work on your legs’ muscles. On certain stationary bikes for weight loss, you can also work on the resistance settings, which will make paddling difficult and will help you to gain muscles. You can also work on your body’s posture with the inclination settings on certain exercise cycles, which will help you in toning certain muscle groups of your body. This is highly flexible equipment and has innumerable uses.

How To Find The Perfect Exercise Cycle?

If you have seen the benefits of exercise cycles for weight loss and are inclined towards buying one, you need to get the perfect fit. How will you know that you are not setting yourself up for disappointment? You can check this buying guide, and tick all the pointers before you buy an exercise cycle.

  • Design of the exercise cycle: If you have kids at your home, you need to ensure the mechanics of the bike are enclosed, and the flywheel and chains can’t be accessed. This will help you to keep your kids safe, and they will not hurt themselves.
  • The intensity of usage of the exercise cycle: This will depend on how you are planning to use your exercise cycle. If you are an occasional user, you can go for a less expensive one, with manual adjustments and settings. However, if you want to use an exercise cycle for weight loss and want to be a regular and intense user, you need to buy one with many programs and automatic settings, along with a digital setting that will help you to plan your workout properly.
  • Must-have features of the exercise cycle: You need to have adjustable seats, along with comfortable pedals and resistance settings. You cannot overlook these features. Also, look for adjustable posture settings on your bike and one that makes less noise.
  • Weight limit and weight of the exercise cycle: You will need to move around your exercise cycle, hence keep the weight light, and always check the weight limit of the cycle. Always keep a buffer weight while selecting your exercise cycle.

You also need to check the seat's comfort, adjustability of handlebars, and optional accessories like Bluetooth compatibility, Wi-Fi, etc. while buying your stationary bike for weight loss. This will give you ideas to get the right one for your needs.

Choosing The Right Exercise Cycle For Your Needs

I am sure that you have looked for exercise bicycles everywhere, and you have come across tons of websites and innumerable products, which you can get delivered to your home. However, you will need a trusted store, where you will find different cycling machines for weight loss, and your search will rightfully end at Decathlon.

Decathlon has a wide range of exercise bikes, and it is a worldwide brand that is trusted by millions of people. All their sporting and fitness equipment is of superior quality, and you can browse endless options of exercise bikes for weight loss according to your requirements. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Self-powered exercise bike: The Domyos EB 900 is the best exercise bike from Decathlon. It is loaded with features and a top choice amongst fitness freaks. It comes with an 8 kg flywheel, along with 6 functions and 24 programs for a detailed workout. The low frame structure along with stabilizers in the rear keep the posture correct, and elongate sessions.
  • Self-powered and connected exercise bike: The Domyos EB 500 is an interesting stationary bike for weight loss, and it comes in a sleek design. There are 15 resistance levels on the self-powered 6 kg flywheel, along with height-adjustable comfortable seats. There are close to 6 measuring functions, and 7 in-built programs for weight loss. The Bluetooth connectivity makes this a widely accepted choice across all fitness and tech enthusiasts.
  • Essential exercise bike: The Domyos EB 120 is the best-selling cycling machine for weight loss from Decathlon, and it is a relatively cheaper option than others. There is a five-function display with speed, heart rate, distance, time, and calories burnt, and the 4-kg flywheel with manual resistance does complete justice to the exercise bike. There are seven levels of resistance, and it is made for low-intensity and amateur workouts.
  • Modified exercise bike: The Domyos Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike is the latest addition to the roster of exercise bikes for weight loss from Decathlon. Its unique design and seat position can be used for advanced workouts. Also, it comes with six functions, 9 programs, and an e-connected mobile application, which helps you to analyze the sessions and work on specific goals and targets.

There are other exercise bikes also present, which you can check out at the store. You can also get yourself a mini bike, as it will require less space and you can use it for both your arms and legs.

Using Your Exercise Cycle In The Right Manner

With an immense range of exercise cycles for weight loss, you can buy the right one for yourself. However, you will need to know how to use one. On average, any person can burn more than 250 calories in a 30-minute session on the exercise cycle. You will still need to plan your workout for a proper cardio session, and you need to use the programs and functions correctly.

  • Weight Loss: The benefits of an exercise cycle for weight loss are immense. If you can plan a workout session with low, medium, and high intensity paddling along with different resistance levels, you can easily chart a plan which will sufficiently help you in reducing weight. With the convenience of keeping it at home, you do not have to step out of your home as well.
  • Toning of physique: When you look at professional cyclists, you can notice their lean physique and great muscles. This is one of the reasons why people prefer exercise bikes at home. A combined workout session with low and medium-intensity paddling can tone the physique.
  • Strengthening of Muscles: If your cycling machine for weight loss regime includes high-intensity paddling with maximum resistance, you are bound to make headway by strengthening your legs’ muscles. You can develop your calf and thigh muscles over time, and reduce body fat.
  • Joint easing exercise: When it comes to sprints and other running exercises, you will need the right surface, or else you can hurt your muscles and joints. With an exercise bike, you will rather flex your muscles and it helps you to ease your joint pain, too.
  • Stamina increasing workout: If you are working out on an exercise bike for weight loss, you are bound to increase your stamina. It will also help you to improve your breathing, increase your blood flow and circulation, and you can also work on your overall posture. These things contribute to improving your stamina, and you will feel energized after regular sessions.
  • Healthy Cardio sessions: With adjustable postures and seats, you can increase your workout regime to more than cycling. You can check out videos on YouTube and plan muscle-specific workouts, which will develop your body holistically, and release muscle tension.

With multiple functions and programs for workouts, along with resistance levels, you are bound to improve your lifestyle and become healthier in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are exercise cycles and stationary bikes the same?

Exercise cycles and stationary bikes are usually the same. However, there are many kinds of variants available, with multiple programs, different functions, dissimilar flywheel weight, and resistance levels. Some people also make DIY exercise cycles, by limiting the wheels on normal cycles.

2. Which exercise cycle is best for weight loss?

Any exercise cycle is good for weight loss. You will need to put in the effort, and you can also choose the one with a higher resistance level. Those bikes help in the faster shedding of weight.

The Bottom Line

With so many benefits, we hope that you have understood the importance of an exercise cycle for weight loss. So, without any further delay, you should look at options and get yourself one at home. It is bound to make your lifestyle healthier, and you will not feel bad while having your favourite desserts, junk, and fried food.

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