If you are a fitness freak, a veteran or a novice in the fitness world, you would have definitely witnessed the myriad range of fitness equipment andaccessories, either online or in the gym. Choosing the right and truly efficient accessories is a must to improve and increase the workout efficiency and take it to the next level. Moreover, not all fitness equipment that is efficient needs to be strictly limited to the gym. Below mentioned is a list of fitness accessories andequipment that are highly efficient and helps in carrying exercises in a more effective manner.


1.     Exercise Ball

Exercise ball, also known as gym ball, yoga ball,or swiss ball, is a fitness equipment and accessory that is very cheap and easily available. It is an equipment that can be easily used at home or in a gym. An exercise ball is an equipment that allows you to focus on contraction of muscles at the time of performing stability exercises. The ball causes an instability that puts a deeps train on the muscles, and allows you to build your body up in a length wise manner. This is due to the stretching movements that are required to be per formed on the exercise ball. As a result of using an exercise ball, your muscles become more flexible, toned, and stronger, that provides for a better and upright posture. It also allows for performing several effective upper and lower body exercises.


2.     Elastic Band/ Resistance Band

Elastic/ resistance bands can be used in order toper form full-body strength workout. These bands have several attractive features like light weight, low cost, ease in storage, and portability. Elastic bands can be used for exercising by positioning your hands and/or feet close together or far apart on the band before starting any exercise. This type of exercise would help vary resistance at different levels. These bands provide various advantages as below:

  • Training optimization
  • Muscle tension
  • Variable resistance
  • Gain explosiveness and strength
  • Gain relief in joint injuries and others

Elastic or resistance bands can be carried and used anywhere, at home, in parks, or in the gym.


3.     Ab Roller:

An ab roller is an equipment that allows you to work on the core of your body and more. It is a wheel that has a handle on each side, which could be used to practice ab and core exercises. It is a fitness equipment that provides complete training and helps develop triceps, back, and shoulder in a same movement. Depending on the position of the wheel, you can choose between two different models of stability: stable or unstable. The wheel also allows you to increase and decrease the stability of your exercises as per the desired intensity.


4.     Push-Ups Bar:

Having difficulty and pain during push-up exercises is a common issue that you face during workouts. Practicing push-up exercises with push-ups bars helps provide more comfort and ease in the overall exercise. Doing push-ups helps strengthen the deltoids, pectoral muscles, and triceps. Though push-ups could be practiced on the ground, without any equipment, doing so has several disadvantages. It can cause serious injury to your wrists and also make them twisted and weak. Using push-ups bar/ handles is the best solution that could be implemented in such a situation. Push-ups bars make the execution of your movements more efficient and reduces the pain. They in turn provide relief to the elbows, joints, and wrists. Additionally, using this accessory raises your hands, which helps increase the amplitude of the movements.


5.     Foam Roller:

Working out with different accessories makes your body tight and stiff. But you can gain great massage for your body through an efficient and effective training and workout session. A foam roller is one such equipment that is a massage roller, and provides a relaxing effect through practical self-massage. The foam roller massager also helps in muscle recovery and improvement of overall physical performance. Usually, a foam roller could be used a couple hours after your training session, which gives some time for relaxation to the muscles. The use of foam roller could be more or less dense and intense based on the model of workout. There are soft foam rollers that are available at a cheaper price, mainly used for Pilates, and are less effective as compared to the more rigid ones. The rigid foam rollers are more expensive and have grids on their surface that provides a stronger rubbing. You can choose either type of foam rollers asper your convenience and the intensity of your workout and massages. Some of the top benefits of foam rollers out of the numerous ones are as follows:


  • Improvement of vascularization
  • Relaxation of muscle knots
  • Increase of muscle flexibility
  • Elimination of muscle pain and muscle tension
  • Relief in pain
  • Reduction of aches
  • Increase in the range of motion   


Being curious and experimental in diversifying your workout and training sessions provides more efficiency and an opportunity to use and experiment with different fitness accessories and equipment. The accessories mentioned above are highly efficient and are a gateway towards fitness freaks like you to explore and discover new ways and equipment for working out.


Important Notes:

  • While you are experimental and diverse in using and trying out different fitness equipment and accessories, it is important that you learn to use them effectively in order to avoid injuries and gain the most benefits.

  • Exercise equipment and accessories come in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. It is a smart way to check your suitability as well as consumer ratings and feedback before making the purchase.

  • You must remember that even the best equipment and accessories produce the right results when used in a regular and proper manner. Whether you are practicing in a gym or at home or in a park, using the fitness and cardio equipment in the right manner is extremely crucial.

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