You can now get to know all the different types of dart games while also getting to know how to play them and the rules you need to follow while playing the games.


Dart games are one of the most enjoyed games irrespective of both age and gender. While there are people who love to play dart games just for fun while there are others who consider it to be one of the most thrilling sports. If you are a beginner and are searching for what is dart game and how to play them while also trying to find some of the best dart games then the following guide will help you choose the right one. Apart from getting to know about some of the top dart games out, there can also familiarize yourself with the rules needed to observe to play this game.

List of Top 10 Best Dart Games

To get the best out of a dart game, you need to know what type of dart game are you playing. Here is a list of the top 10 best dart games that you ought to be aware of including some of the lesser-known options such as golf, halve-it, and more.

1. Cricket

Cricket is one of the most famous choices of dart games out there. Cricket can either be played in teams of two or as 1 on 1. If you have three to four players you can still get this game on, while having more members is especially recommended to have more fun.

The game's main aim is to be the first player or team to close all the numbers while being the winning team. The numbers involved in this game are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and the Bull. You need to score about three numbers that are close to the number mentioned in the order. Maintaining the lead in points is the way to win in this game of Cricket.

2. The 01 Games (301 and 501)

The two games 301 and 501 games are more on the professional front of the dart games. These are two of the very popular games among competitive dart players. While the game might seem quite simple it is quite hard to come up without strategies.

There are usually two players who play the game of 301 and 501 as either 1 on 1 or as a team of two. The numbers that need to be aimed in this game would be 19 and 20 as these are high-percentage shots and will provide you with a higher number of points. The inner bull’s eye will be about 50 points worthwhile the outer bull’s eye would be 25 points worth.

3. Around the World

Around the world just as the name suggests you need to work your way through the numerical sequence on the dartboard. Due to the simple method of playing this game, it is one of the most popular games. It can also be enhanced as a balloon dart game for fun bar parties. 

Apart from this, it is great fun to play when you’ve got a group to play with. This game due to its simplicity is also a great way to practice magnetic dart games, especially for beginners who are looking to get into the professional front. The numbers on this board will range right from 1 to 20 and the bull’s eye is not included. However, the inclusion of the same can pique the interest of players.

4. Legs

One of the most popular and fun dart games is the game of Legs which is a magnetic dart game common between most skill levels and is all about hitting on the highest possible number of points. It is quite similar to the 301 and 501 dart games without the in and out requirements.

This game can be played with any number of players and this game gets even more interesting with a greater number of players. Just like the 01 games the Legs game aims at attaining the highest points by aiming at the 20 and 19 points quickly.

5. Killer

Killer is a game that requires hitting doubles only. This game starts with each player choosing a random number by shooting at the board with their non-shooting hand. This makes the killer game a fun game to play especially with friends. The balloon dart game is a variation of the original killer game which makes it even more fun.

The minimum number of players required will be at least 3. Once you hit a number in this game you need to hit double that number. Hitting the double of a number will make you a “killer”.  After becoming a killer do not hit your own double or else you will kill yourself. There will be three lives available for each player.

6. Halve-It

For advanced players who would like to add fun to their dart games, halve-it is a great option. Even if this game is more fun once you reached an advanced level, you can still give it a try at the novice level as well. This game is advanced due to the numbers involved in the games which are quite challenging.

There will also be a penalty where missing a target number will lead t the score being cut in half. There can be any number of players in the Halve-it game. The numbers targeted in the halve-it game will be 20, 16, double 7, 14, triple 10, 17, and double bull. There will be 3 turns to throw darts for each player.  

7. Shanghai

When there is a large group of players involved Shanghai is a great game of darts. This game is named after the dart term Shanghai where a single player will hit a single, double and triple of the same number all in one turn. While this game can be played with any number of people, it will still be best to play with a large group of people. The numbers involved will be from 1 to 7 and will corresponding to the inning numbers.

8. Baseball

Baseball is quite similar to shanghai but is an even more popular game of darts. Instead of a total of 7 innings there will be a traditional 9-inning baseball format being followed. Unlike Shanghai, in this baseball game of darts, each dart will only count as either a single, double or triple which will be just like a real baseball game. At the end of 9 innings, the player will the highest number of runs will be the one winning the game.

9. Gotcha

While gotcha isn’t much famous it is quick to learn and easy to remember. This is quite an interesting game where there is a large group of players however each player is on their own. All numbers present on the dartboard will be considered in the game. Adding a balloon dart game will be a fun way to hype the interest of players. 

10. Golf

The golf dart board game is an excellent way to hone your skills for the 01 games. This game can include any number of players provided that there is enough space on the scoreboard. You can either play through numbers 1 through 9 or the number could also range from 1 through 18 which will be equal to the number of holes present in a round of golf.  

13 Rules for playing Dart Games.

Now that you know what is dart game check out more about the rules needed to follow. While playing the dart game certain rules need to be kept in mind along with the scoring methods and the numbers that are involved in the game. While every magnetic dart game has its own set of unique rules, here are 13 common rules that will apply to any type of dart board game.

1. Only Throw Darts are Needed to Win

If you have won the match and there are still darts remaining, you need not throw those darts. For example, if you have doubled out with your initial dart in a 01 game then you do not need to throw the remaining darts that you possess.

2. Stay Clear of Throwing Player

There should be no one standing within 2 feet radius around the player who will be throwing darts. There should also be no one near the throwing line area and the dart board.

3. Do Not Distract as the Scorekeeper

If there is a non-player handling the scoreboard ensure that you do not distract the player whose turn is ongoing. The scorekeeper will also be responsible to verify the score each turn before the darts have been pulled off. 

4. Decide Player Shooting Order

Deciding the player order when playing a dart board game with 3 or more players become important. This can be done by either randomly deciding, in alphabetical order, or by splashing. Splashing is when a player takes two darts and throws both together. The darts here are thrown without any aim however they should hit the scoring zone. If even one of the darts does not hit the scoring zone, the player ill has to throw again. This method can also be done by the non-throwing arm. Once you total the scores of each player from the two darts the order of the players in the game can be decided.  

5. Decide Who Shoots First.

Always make sure you’ve checked out who will go first when you start the match. The classic way to check this will be when one player of either team gets the bull's eye throw with a single dart. The player who gets closest to the cork will go first while also getting to choose the type of game to be played.

6. Keep it Civil

Opposing teams of players must shake hands both before and after each game. Darts game is an established game with a long tradition of good sportsmanship being observed.

7. Do Not Touch Darts Until After Your Turn

Until all your three dart turns are over you should not touch the darts thrown on the board. However, once all three dart chances are done you can leave the throwing line to check out the points and take off the darts.

8. Record Your Score Before Removing Darts

Make sure that before you remove the darts from the board there is a proper score being recorded. Player often makes the mistake of taking off darts even before the records have been set right.

9. Stand on the Throwing Line

A standard throwing line will be ranging between 7 feet and 9.5 inches from the dartboard. This should be a place where the player stand and the player should not go beyond this line. No part of the feet must extend beyond the throwing line as it will be considered a foul.

10. Dropped Darts Can be Thrown Again

If there is a dart thrown accidentally and it wasn’t a misthrow then you can still take that dart up and throw it a second time onto the dart board.

11. Fallen Darts Are Out of Play

If there are any darts that bounce off after hitting the dart board they won’t be considered. Similarly, those that stick onto another dart will also not be considered. These darts cannot be thrown a second time. If you are playing using the electronic dart board the dart may stay on the board even after it falls or bounces off.

12. Remove Your Own Darts

After each turn, the player that has thrown the darts will need to take it off as well. Once the points are determined only after the darts are to be removed from the dartboard.

13. Three Darts Per Turn

It is important to remember that every player will only get three darts per turn. No more than three darts per turn will be provided to a player.



It can hence be concluded that while darts is such an amazing pastime game it can still be equally competitive and sporty in nature. Next time you would like to play a dart board game, you need not stick to a single option and go all out and choose from any of the top 10 dart games mentioned hereby. You can also ensure that the rules are being followed to get the maximum fun out of a game.


1. How to break the dart board in an untitled goose game

To break the dart board in the untitled goose game all you need to do is wait for the person to take a shot. The person will then measure up the shot three times before throwing it. While the person goes ahead and throws the dart all you need to do is honk. This will get the person scared and mess up his shot which will result in the breaking of the dart board.

2. Who invented the game of darts?

The modern darts game was invented by a carpenter named Brain Gamlin who originated in Lancashire in 1896.

3. What is the easiest dart game to play?

Multiple dart games are both easy and fun to play such as follows:

  • Baseball darts
  • Around the world
  • Killer darts
  • 501 and 301 dart games

4. How do beginners learn darts?

One of the most important tips for beginners to learn darts would be to focus on creating a straight line that connects the dart on your eye level to the dart board

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