Cycling In Mumbai

Bicycle riding is a fun activity that lets you stay fit. If you are an adventure lover, cycling will hype your excitement on the weekends. Cycling culture is trending in Mumbai day by day. However, cycling in a bustling, crowded city like Mumbai can be challenging. If you wish to explore the breathtaking natural views and the city architecture of the land of cinema on two wheels, read along the article to discover some of the best cycling routes in Mumbai.

Best Cycling Routes in Mumbai: From Iconic Landmarks to Scenic Waterfronts

Marine Drive

With the coastal views on one side and the city architecture on another, experience one of the most beautiful scenic cycling routes in Mumbai on the marine drive road. From the Nariman point, head towards the Malabar hills along the Marine Drive road and to Haji Ali if you wish to extend your ride. The seashore and the beautifully placed tetrapod rocks alongside the marine drive add to the scenic beauty of Mumbai. The lanes are clear and cyclist-friendly. Marine Drive is famous for night cycling, which lets you explore the city lanes when the world falls asleep. With blue skies above and soothing breezy weather, we assure you to have the best cycling experience at Marine Drive.

Bandstand to Worli Sea Face

Cycling culture in the Bandra Bandstand has prevailed in recent times. It offers a picturesque view of the western sea coast and has parks and jogging tracks along the road. Explore the spectacular views of the Bandstand, visit the architectural Bandra Fort and head to the famous tourist spot of Worli Sea Face on two wheels. The Bandra-Worli sea link connecting Bandra with Worli is worth watching. Whether you are a roadie or MTB, you will get the best cycling experience on this road.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

If you wish to explore the best of nature on a bike tour, head to Sanjay Gandhi National Park for a fantastic experience. It is home to diverse wildlife and a wide variety of flora. Experience the goodness of nature and the archaeological caves of Kanheri on a bicycle ride. The cycles are rented at the entrance on per hourly basis. If you are a beginner at cycling and wish for a safe ride, SGNP will provide you with the best scenic cycling routes in Mumbai.

Bandra Kurla Complex

It is one of the poshest areas of Mumbai. The lanes of Bandra Kurla Complex are open for cyclists and pedestrians. Several cycling events are organised by cycling communities in the lanes of BKC. Every Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM, these lanes are booked for bicycle riders, walkers and skateboarders. If you are a cycling enthusiast, BKC can provide the best cycling routes in Mumbai with a posh city overlook.

Aksa Beach to Madh Island

Explore one of Mumbai's cleanest and finest beaches, along with the fun of cycling. The spectacular sunset view of Aksa Beach is worth watching. You can start your bicycle ride from Versova to Malad and Aksa Beach. Stay for a while on the beach, explore the local street food and beach serenity. Resume your journey to Madh Island, a more peaceful part of the city away from the crowd. Enjoy a fun-filled weekend along the lanes of Malad and Madh Island on two wheels for some beautiful memories of your life.

Gorai Beach and Essel World

Gorai is a semi-island beach enclosed by Uttan and Manori islands. If you are an MTB and prefer adventurous mountain bicycle riding, Gorai Beach is your ideal destination. Natural sceneries surround the beach with patches of mangroves and clear coastal water. You can start your cycling journey from Gorai Beach in the early morning and continue through the lanes of Mumbai towards Essel World. These lanes are less bustled and cyclist-friendly. Stop by local restaurants or dhabas for morning tea and snacks. This ride will elevate your mood, giving you a morning energy boost.

Eastern Express Highway

Eastern Express Highway is a part of the National Highway of Mumbai and is one of the busiest roads in Mumbai. It extends around 25 km and connects the city part to the eastern suburbs. The Eastern Express Highway starts from CST and ends at Thane. Cycling trails are available for bicycle riding on EEH. However, it is advisable to wear safety gear and follow safety measures for a safe ride along the busy lanes of EEH.

Carter Road to Juhu Beach

Carter Road is situated near Bandra alongside the captivating coastal views of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the favourite places of the cycling community. It is a hangout destination for friends and an ideal place for family outings. Cycling along the lanes of Carter Road is one of the most enjoyable tasks worth doing. Carter Road is also said to build cycling trails for roadies. If you are planning for night cycling in Mumbai, Carter Road to Juhu Beach will serve as one of the best cycling routes in Mumbai. End up your cycling journey on Juhu beach with snacks from local food stalls and a breathtaking sunset.

Elephanta Island

Get ready to explore the off-road cycling on the less civilized Elephanta island in the lap of nature. The off-trail cycling amid nature will give you a thrilling experience. Visit the Elephanta caves to explore the unique carvings and archaeological temples of Lord Shiva. Situated away from city crowds, Elephanta Island is one of the best scenic cycling routes in Mumbai. The steps and slopes of the island will give you a fun and adventurous bike ride. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle and an air pump for unwanted cycling mishaps.

Cycling safety tips Mumbai: Tips for Safe Cycling in Mumbai

While cycling is all the way fun and adventure, it is necessary to take safety measures so that your enjoyment does not lead to trouble. Here is a quick guide on cycling safety tips in Mumbai.

  • Wear safety gear: It is necessary to the safety gear before starting. Wear a helmet, gloves, shoes, arm and knee pads to ensure safe riding.
  • Check the working condition of your cycle before starting: Before starting the bicycle ride, look for the working condition of the process. Check for breaks, gears, seat, wiring and chain to avoid mishaps during the ride. Oil the joints and grease the chain before starting.
  • Follow traffic rules: It is essential to follow them while bicycle riding. Stop at the red lights, do not ride on the wrong side and avoid footpath cycling.
  • Be visible: If you prefer night cycling, always wear fluorescent and neon colour clothes to make you visible from a distance. It is always advisable to wear bright clothes to make you easily spotted
  • Carry your baggage of essentials: Always carry a bag with you for all your requirements, namely a water bottle, first aid kit, cellphone, raincoat, extra tracksuit and some snacks.
  • Remain alert and vigilant: Always remain alert while cycling. Do not talk on your cell phone or listen to music during the ride to avoid accidental conditions. Be vigilant and look for the vehicles on the road. Never set your eyes off the road.
  • Look for sides before turning: Always look for the sides before turning. Wave a and in case of heavy traffic. Take your time with the busy lanes of Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there dedicated cycling lanes or tracks in the city?

Some parts of Mumbai have dedicated cycling lanes, like BKC, Carter Road, SGNP, etc. However, there are undergoing projects for creating cycling in other parts of the city, like the Western Express Highway.

  1. Are there any cycling clubs or communities in Mumbai?

Yes, many cycling clubs in Mumbai for cycling enthusiasts charge some amount and provide bicycles for rent. Some of these are pedal bunnies, Mumbai riders, Lake City peddlers, 365 hops etc.

  1. How can I find cycling tours or guides for exploring the city?

You can search for cycling tours on online platforms like Thrillopilia or Tripadvisor to discover their price for routes travelled.

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