Being physically fit is crucial for our well-being. Physical fitness is like fuel to our body that ensures our efficiency and endurance in the hustle-bustle of life. In the 21st century, when every new disease is targeting us each day. The only way left is to turn our physical fitness into our shields that can protect us. NGL! doing exercises, waking early, doing yoga etc. are still boring and tiresome to many of us.

It becomes even more important to ensure that we keep ourselves fit in modern times when our daily routine begins with unhealthy food, soft drinks, working on laptops and ends with late-night parties.

TBH, Physical Fitness not only ensures our physical well-being but also elevates our mood and keeps us active and calm in the face of difficult situations. So, if you want to match your pace with the speed of this world, you need to balance your lives, your mental health and your physical strength.

Make your fitness goal a priority. Here is a complete guide to understanding the top 5 components of physical fitness.


  • What is physical fitness?
  • Importance of being physically fit.
  • Health-related components.
  • Skill related components.

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There are many components of Physical Fitness. But firstly, the initial step is to understand what physical fitness stands for or comprises. Physical Fitness at a surface level can be assigned to a person who is physically fit in terms of bodily strength or an ability to counter every disease or illness. Thus, a physically fit person can deal with all health issues by relying on physical exercises, nutritional intake and bodily maintenance. 

If we speak in broader terms, physical fitness is not simply related to the ability to walk miles or to carry weights. It’s more about a sense of well-being and proper health which truly matters.

The body’s endurance and ability to perform daily activities with the optimum level of endurance and skills is essential. Your capacity to undertake routinely work with efficiency and firmness can be further included as an important component of physical fitness. 


Physical Fitness is a significant part of our life that helps us to balance our lives effectively and amazingly:

  1. Physical fitness ensures good health, thus, providing us resistance against all kinds of physical health issues that can be life-threatening or even harmful to some extent.
  1. Physical Fitness saves massive sums of money which we usually spend on expensive medical care, deadly surgeries and several medications.  
  1. Even if any health issue occurs to any person who is physically fit. There remains a chance of reducing the risk of complications and injuries.
  1. It also ensures for many of us a possibility of higher life expectancy and to upgrade the quality of life. 
  1. Physical Fitness most importantly improves mental health and uplifts our mood. It further ensures a positive atmosphere that goes hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle. 


Two major components that constitute your physical fitness are mainly health-related and skill-related. They both combine to form your physical fitness.Talking about the former, it mainly revolves around how your bodies operate. The main question lies in your capacity to prevent health issues and illnesses.You need to know about some of the most essential health-related components.

  1. Flexibility is an important fitness component that is mostly ignored. It encompasses your ability to have a range of movement at joints.
  1. Cardiovascular endurance stands as another prominent component that includes the capacity of the heart and lungs to carry a proper supply of oxygen to all muscles, tissues or cells.
  1. Your muscular strength is an indicator of your muscles’ potential to apply force.
  1. Muscular endurance is a measure of your muscular power to perform continuous activity for a longer duration.
  1. Body composition is another prominent component that comprises the ratio of fats to muscles, bones and tissues. 


Skill related fitness can be defined in terms of your fitness to work towards a specific skill. It primarily involves gaining a particular motor skill or developing efficiency in movement patterns. 

Some of the components of physical fitness specific to your skills and abilities can be:

  1. Power represents your ability to exert a certain amount of muscular strength at the fastest speed possible.
  1.  Your speed informs your movement efficiency and your ability to complete your work in the least amount of time.
  1. Agility tells about your capability to make a whole-body movement in speed and with accuracy in response to an external stimulus.
  1. Coordination is a crucial component of fitness that allows you to perform multiple movements at the same time smoothly and efficiently.
  1. The balance enables you to control the body’s movement and maintain ‘postural stability.
  1. Reaction time is defined by your potential to have an instantaneous and composed reaction to any external stimulus.


  • How could I be physically fit?

To achieve physical fitness, the first initiative can be to step out of the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Your focus should be on having a healthy and well-balanced diet. Also, exercising regularly is like a key to unlock the doors of fitness. You can also prefer yoga or meditation to stay motivated and inspired to follow the track of physical fitness. You can even keep a check on calories and food intake. SSRLY, getting proper sleep is a must.

  • Should I focus more on weights to become physically fit?

Exercising is an important part of getting fit. Thus, to kick start the breakdown of fats, you can essentially focus on running, dumbbell lifting or exercising. But you need to remember that for physical fitness you need to regulate your diet too. Your regular meal should be nutritious and healthy. Thus, focusing on both, be it weight carrying or changing food habits becomes equally important.

  • When can you say a person is physically fit?

There are a lot of factors that determine whether you are physically fit or not.  It cannot be measured simply on the grounds of muscular strength but your abilities on many levels are included.You need to be physically healthy and strong. But you also need to have other skills like flexibility, agility, focus, coordination etc.  We need to include both the health and skill-related components. Truly, it’s more about having physical, emotional and mental stability and constancy.

We all need to make sure that we are physically fit. The significance of physical fitness cannot be judged in simple terms. Since it truly shapes our entire life, our spiritual, physical and mental well-being are all tied to one thread. 

We need to keep ourselves physically fit to stand strong in all difficult situations and challenges of life. Our well-being is our top-most priority that cannot be neglected. You must swim like a winner in the ocean of struggles.

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