Summer is a time when children make memories. Vacations, day excursions, picnics, and other events will bring back fond memories for children. But that won't be the only thing they remember. As parents, we want to assist children in making every day of summer one to remember. While these commonplace summer activities may not conjure up romantic childhood summer memories, they will cheerfully occupy those long summer days spent at home. In this article, we will be going through the best outdoor games for kids and fun outdoor games for kids. So keep reading!!


The best outdoor games for kids are much better than organised sports for youngsters. So, what's the difference between the two? For starters, byzantine rules, carpools, hectic Saturdays, mouldering sports equipment, possibly life-altering injuries, and countless orange slices are all part of the former. With no penalty box in sight, the best outdoor games for kids include imagination, fresh air, unstructured play, and socialisation. Fun outdoor games for kids like four square, steal the bacon, and h-o-r-s-e are enjoyable for older children while being simple enough for toddlers and younger children to learn. There aren't many rules, but they're a lot of fun. Allow us to retort if you've been browsing the internet for winter leagues for your kids to join when the days are short.

Now, the best outdoor games for kids should be basic enough to be conveyed to a 5-year-old in under two minutes, yet complex enough in structure to clearly distinguish winners and losers. Is it possible for the regulations to alter on the fly? Sure. Are there several iterations? Absolutely. We haven't even scratched the surface of the rich heritage of regional games, of which you may be aware. Does it make a difference? No, since these fun outdoor games for kids are straightforward, enjoyable, and simple to comprehend.

So, from one skinned-knee generation to the next, the 15 best outdoor games for kids have been honed and improved through time. All of these games, from Kick the Can to Duck Duck Goose to plain old Tag, are simple to learn and a lot of fun. Let the games begin.

Best Outdoor Games For Kids


How to Play It:

Before shooting a basketball into the hoop, the first person does whatever they want, from whirling around to closing their eyes. If they miss, it's up to the next person to come up with a wild shot. If he or she succeeds, the rest of the team must copy the shot. If you fail, you'll receive a letter, starting with H and proceeding through H-O-R-S-E. The winner is the last person remaining who hasn't made it to the horse.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

It's a pony! It takes a traditional sport like shooting hoops or playing catch and adds a lot of leeway for creativity, which is why you'll see professionals doing it in human-interest films. It may be played with nearly any number of players, and the height of the hoop can be modified for a variety of age groups.

Marco Polo

How to Play It:

In the pool, everyone! One individual counts to ten while closing his or her eyes. "Marco," that individual then says. "Polo!" shouts everyone. With his or her eyes closed, the Marco kid follows the escaping Polos, shouting out intermittently, and the other participants reply. The next Marco is anyone he or she catches, and the game begins again. Your filthy cheats will not be allowed to leave the pool.

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

It's quite easy to put together, and because it's all about stealth, kids tend to keep rather quiet.

Johnny On The Pony

How to Play It:

One squad is crouched in a line, arms clasped around the waists of the others. To put it another way, you're constructing a wall. The other team jumps to the front of the line, intending to remain. If everyone reaches the top, they will win if they can yell "Johnny on a pony!" three times before the lower team shakes them off.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

In the greatest conceivable manner, this game is sheer lunacy. In addition, this is excellent practice for prospective rugby players.

Steal The Bacon

How to Play It:

The teams are evenly divided, and each player is assigned a number. Each team takes a position on opposing sides, with a shoe in the centre (it doesn't have to be a shoe, just anything simple to grasp). When a number is announced, the assigned members from each team sprint for the prized possession and attempt to return it to their side. You gain a point if you succeed.

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

Direct competition, as well as the ability for the designated caller to create quality rivalries.

Arm Wrestling

How to Play It:

Two people clasp each other's hands and place their elbows on a stable surface. The individual who can get the other's hand to contact the surface first wins. There will be no usage of the second hand, and the elbow will not be lifted off the surface.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

The ultimate test of strength and endurance in a one-on-one match. There's no way to lose an arm-wrestling battle gracefully. You might also mention the Sylvester Stallone film.


How to Play It:

Two persons face each other and stand straight in front of them. They reach out their hands, attempting to push each other over while remaining on their feet. The one who moves their feet first is the loser. Players can't push anything other than their opponent's hands in some instances; however, this is optional.

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

You have the opportunity to push other people over.

Duck, Duck, Goose

How to Play It:

In a circle, everyone sits. The tagger is a single individual. They move around the circle, caressing everyone's head and uttering "duck" or "goose" as they do so. If they say "duck," nothing changes. If they shout "goose," the person who has been tagged must try to capture the tagger before returning to their original location. If the tagger is apprehended, they must sit in the mush pot (the middle of the circle).

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

It's one of the first "in class" games from before the epidemic, so most students should be able to play it. Plus, ducks and geese come to mind, which is a lot of fun.


How to Play It:

With their backs to the water, players stand at the side of a pool. One participant departs the water after placing a whiffle ball, frisbee, popsicle stick, or another buoyant object at the bottom. The other players aim to identify and grab the ball as soon as that person departs the pool. Whoever succeeds is the winner.

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

The excitement of the chase. The unexpectedly long wait time. There's a little chance of getting hurt.

Three Flies Up

How to Play It:

There is just one thrower, while the rest of the team is made up of catchers. The thrower stands around 50 feet away from the catchers before tossing the ball up in the air toward them. You gain a point if you catch the ball. The thrower is the individual who scores three points first.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

It's a game of chance with larger stakes. It's also entertaining to make a cocky catcher miss throws while they're up two points.


How to Play It:

It is decided that one individual will be "it." They exit the swimming pool. Everyone else chooses their colour in secret. When everyone has made their decision, the "it" person turns away from the water and begins identifying colours. You must get to the other side of the pool without getting tagged if your colour is called. If no one is swimming when the "it" person turns around, he or she must take a step away from the pool. The individual who is tagged becomes the "it" person.

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

Pool games that don't rhyme with Flarco Folo are difficult to come by. Not only that, but it's usually good for a few hours of in-water fun until the youngsters get bored.

Butts Up

How to Play It:

A ball and a wall are all that are required. Someone must catch the ball every time it bounces off the wall and make a clean toss back to the wall. The cycle then resumes. When a player misses a catch, they must run and tag the wall. The guy who didn't make it to the wall before the wall-touch gets an out if they can hurl the ball at the wall before the wall-touch. The person who gets three outs must stand against the wall, and the other players have one shot at hitting them with the tennis ball (softly). Then you begin all over again.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

It's the perfect balance of chaos and competition.

Hot Hands

How to Play It:

One person spreads their hands out in front of them, palms facing up. The other player lays their hands on the palms of that person's hands, palms down. Before the upper person can remove their hands, the lower person tries to smack them. If the bottom person slaps their opponent's hands effectively, they stay on the bottom. They trade places if they miss.

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

You get to smack the hands of another individual.


How to Play It:

The court is a large square with four equal-sized squares within it (sidewalk chalk is an easy method, and it washes clean). Each of the smaller squares is occupied by one individual. The top square is marked by one square. Then there's a square for second place, third place, and fourth place. The ball is struck into another square by the person on the top square. You must smash it into another square before it bounces twice if it is stuck at your square. You're out if you hit it out or let the ball bounce twice.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

It provides a hierarchy in games that is often absent. On the other hand, kids seem to have an infinite number of methods to skyline a ball with their hands.


How to Play It:

It's similar to Three Flies Up; only the thrower may pick how much a catch is worth. The individual who reaches a previously determined jackpot number (i.e. "Game is to 1,000") is declared the winner. The thrower can add to the pleasure by screaming one of the following terms: Bankrupt (lose all points); Jackpot (automatic win); Bomb (receiver who touches ball loses a certain amount of points); IceBall (remain frozen for one throw); FireBall (steal one point from the opponent).

What Makes it a Fun Outdoor Game for Kids:

It's like a catch, but with performance-enhancing drugs. It's so basic, yet it's so fulfilling, and there are a lot of strategies built-in.

Red Light, Green Light

How to Play It:

The traffic officer is one of them. The other players take their places on the starting line with the traffic cop's back to them. Players strive to sprint to the finish line when the traffic officer announces "green light." They turn around when the traffic officer yells "red light," and the other players must come to a halt. The first person to cross the finish line wins, and that person becomes the traffic officer.

What Makes it a Best Outdoor Game for Kids:

Everybody understands how to play. Furthermore, one fortunate individual has all power, cruelly choosing the destiny of all others, which is an excellent microcosm of life.

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Activity?

Here are just a few:

  • Better sleep 
  • Boosts immunity
  • Builds strong muscles and bones
  • Improves mental well-being
  • Reduces anxiety

What Are The Benefits Of Social Connection?

  • Increased happiness
  • Leads to a longer life
  • Higher immune function
  • Better cognitive function
  • Prevents loneliness

The benefits of social interaction and outdoor recreation, when combined, are quite potent.

Many studies have demonstrated a strong link between movement and learning.

This set of exercises will promote body and brain development more effectively than any worksheet while still addressing a wide range of fine motor, visual perceptual, and sensory abilities.

We picked things that can be done in the backyard at home. Most of the activities just involve a ball, common household materials, or affordable new games that may be purchased or made at home.

Over the last few months, there has been much too much screen time.

We'd want to see an extended vacation from screens this summer so that kids can learn via play and strengthen all of their other critical basic abilities (namely, core strength, connection, bilateral coordination, balance, hand strength, motor planning, and regulation).

How To Use The Backyard Activity List?

  • To share with your pupils, you may download a printed version of the list at the bottom of this page.
  • Make it a challenge for them to finish the list before school starts again! I'm incentivising my pupils and my children by informing them there will be prizes for those who finish the list!
  • The best part is that they'll be learning via play while also socialising with their family and friends...win-win!
  • This list should be kept on the refrigerator so that it may be handed to youngsters when they complain about being bored!


Hopefully, something fresh on the list inspired you to get your kids moving. Feel free to include any that you think your children might enjoy.

Today, put it on your fridge, and tell your students' families to do the same! We'd like to have all of these lists completed by the end of the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my kids busy during summer break?

We have mentioned above 15 amazing fun outdoor games for kids. You can get involved in any of them as per your liking to keep your kids busy during the summer break.

What are some fun outdoor games to play with kids?

  • Hide and Seek
  • Kick the Can
  • Capture the Flag
  • Parachute
  • Traffic Cop
  • Four Square
  • Hopscotch
  • Jump-Rope and Double Dutch
  • Chinese Jump-Rope

What is a fun game to play outside?

A fun game keeps the children entertained and engaged during their vacations and breaks. It rejuvenates their energy and helps them to build a social connection and self-motivation. Therefore, as sports enthusiasts, we always encourage parents and teachers to get kids involved in certain fun activities.

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