Mountain biking is all about adventure and enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it's riding through forests, tackling rocky terrain, or cruising over dirt paths, your child's mountain bike takes on various challenges. But what should you do once the adventure is over? How can you ensure your child's bike stays in excellent condition? This blog provides valuable insights into maintaining your child's mountain bike to ensure its longevity. Join us as Thomas, a dedicated cyclist with 21 years of experience and a junior product manager at B'TWIN for 3 years, shares his expert advice on keeping junior mountain bikes in top shape.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Ensuring Your Child's Bike Stays in Top Shape

Cleaning the Chain and Cassette: 

To clean every nook and cranny of your child's mountain bike, you can use cleaning kits with specialized brushes. This allows for a thorough cleaning, removing dirt and debris effectively. Here's a quick tip on how to properly clean your bike:

Pro Tip: Avoid high-pressure water jets and use brushes to reach every corner.

Drying Your Bike: 

Drying your bike is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. Neglecting this can lead to rust and other issues, especially if the chain isn't properly cleaned. A simple cloth will do the job perfectly, but for enthusiasts, a blow gun with high-pressure air can be used for a thorough finish. Proper drying leaves your bike looking brand new and ready for the next adventure.

Pro Tip: Ensure thorough drying to make subsequent degreasing and lubricating more effective.

Transmission Maintenance: 

The transmission of your child's mountain bike is like the engine of a car – it's where the majority of your bike's functionality resides. Here's how to maintain it:

"After each ride, use a suitable degreaser to remove accumulated dust and dirt, which can affect performance. After degreasing, remember to reapply grease to make gear changes smoother."

Pro Tip: After lubricating the transmission, pedal and shift gears to distribute the product evenly.

Where to Clean Your Mountain Bike: 

If you have a small space in your garden, a building courtyard, or even a quiet street, it's advisable to clean your child's mountain bike at home. All you need is a basin, a sponge, a cloth, and some cleaning products.

Pro Tip: Avoid car wash stations, as high-pressure water jets can damage bike components.

Reinflating Tires: 

Whether you should re-inflate the tires after a ride depends on when your child plans to use the bike next. If another ride is scheduled for the next day, reinflating the tires is a good idea. However, if the bike won't be used for a week or two, it's not necessary. The inner tube is porous, so tires may naturally deflate over time. Reinflate just before the next ride to ensure proper pressure and check for foreign objects or punctures.

Pro Tip: Monitor tire tread wear, stem tightness, and handlebar stability.

Here is the short summary:

1. Check for foreign bodies

A small point or nail could destroy your pumping efforts!

2. Check stud wear

If the crampons are smooth, your grip may be less on the paths.

3. Check your tire pressure

The optimal pressure depends on your tires: it is indicated on the side.

Preserving Your Bike: How Not to Damage It: 

To maintain your child's mountain bike properly, avoid spraying grease on the disc brakes or brake pads when cleaning the chain. Over-tightening the stem screw can also be detrimental, as it may break the system. When in doubt, consider seeking professional assistance at one of our workshops to ensure all components are functioning correctly.

Pro Tip: Avoid DIY attempts that could potentially harm your bike.


Maintaining your child's mountain bike is essential to ensure its performance and longevity. By following these expert tips, you'll be equipped to care for your child's bike properly and make it last for many exciting adventures to come. For any additional questions or assistance, don't hesitate to visit our workshop or consult our technicians, who are always ready to help you maintain your child's mountain bike.

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You now have all the knowledge you need to keep your child's mountain bike in peak condition. Happy riding!
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