The following article will provide a better idea of what bird watching is and how people indulge in bird watching as a hobby. 


Right since the 1800s bird watching has become one of the most popular hobbies of choice for millions of people worldwide. What was once considered to be a recreation time for middle-aged people, has now gained greater traction among younger generations. Bird watching is such a hobby that enables people to engage their senses while also encouraging them to increase mindfulness and gets the participants to get out of their busy life and get some fresh air.

What is bird watching?

If you are new to bird watching and you are curious about what is bird watching then here is all you need to know about bird spotting. Bird watching or bird spotting is the process of observing birds as either a form of recreational activity or as a type of citizen science where you observe them with naked eyes or with the help of binoculars and engage in study.

With the help of bird spotting, it is possible to observe wild birds and know more about birds while also engaging with other bird watchers. One of the first bird watchers to go down in history was Edmund Selous, an active bird watcher in 1901.

Bird watching for beginners : How to get started

Apart from being a hobby that is both fun and exciting, the mental and physical well-being when you get involved in this activity tends to improve. While a lot of people claim this hobby to be a luxurious one, it need not be expensive if you want to pursue it.  Here are some tips on how you can start off with bird watching.

Get a Guide

Getting a guide will pose as an essential item, especially for those who are quite new to bird watching. These guides consist of a number of bird species and all about birds that you would like to know. You can also check out some birds that migrate and are not part of your locality. In such a way while you observe birds, you will also get to know a lot about these birds as well.

Seek out various locations

While you can stay in your backyard and observe birds while munching on your snacks, you can also opt to go out to various locations and habitats to discover more wild birds that you might have not yet seen. Some of the birds that migrate can also be observed if you keep on changing your location. Some of the birds can be easily found in big trees while others can be found in small shrubs and hence changing your location can highly help you find various types of birds. You can also engage with the bird watchers of these areas and get to know more about birds.

Invest in great Binoculars

You might want to invest in a great pair of binoculars that will help you spot the birds from an even greater distance. Looking for a good pair of binoculars that are not only waterproof but also lightweight to carry around can be really helpful when you go out to watch various bird species. Here are some of the affordable options with great functions that you might want to add to your list.

Wildlife Binoculars 8x25 Fixed Focus

The Wildlife Binoculars 8x25 Fixed Focus is a great option for those who are starting out with the hobby of bird spotting. It does not only have an 8 times more magnification quality but it also comes with a compact design such that it can be easily folded and kept in either the pocket of your jacket or backpack. Its lightweight quality also makes it even better to carry around especially when you are hiking.

  1.  Weight: 202g
  2.  Features: Unfolded dimensions: 12 x 10 x 4 cm Folded dimensions: 9 x 10 x 7 cm
  3.  Waterproof: Yes
  4.  Price: Rs. 3,999/-

Wildlife Binoculars 100 10x42 Black

The Wildlife Binoculars 100 10x42 Black is one of the most versatile options for those who would like to spot some wild birds in an open landscape. With the Wildlife Binoculars 100 10x42 Black you need not worry about rainy days especially due to its waterproof quality. This binocular will also magnify about 10 times more than your normal binoculars.

  1.  Weight: 660g
  2.  Features: 149x130x50mm
  3.  Waterproof: Yes
  4.  Price: Rs. 10,999/-

Wildlife Binoculars 900 10x42 Black

The Wildlife Binoculars 900 10x42 Black has great robustness where even if you drop your binoculars from a height of 3m onto soft ground, the scratch-resistant lenses will still be alright. This binocular also has a special spotting capacity where you can observe bird species right from dawn till dusk or even nightfall. A wide stretch of ground can be observed at a single time from 107m to 1000m.

  1.  Weight: 695 g
  2.  Features: 146x125x50 mm
  3.  Waterproof: Yes
  4.  Price: Rs. 26,999/-

Learn a few common bird calls

Once you have learned about a few birds, you can start out by learning how to use some common bird calls to search for certain species. It will hence give you the advantage to look out for a specific species even when there are multiple birds that migrate during the season. Some of the birds might also respond to your call and hence it’s easier to interact with birds.


Though bird watching might be a fun hobby that you might want to indulge in, it is advised that you might not want to practice it during noon, as birds tend to be least active during noontime. If you have learned about a lot of birds then you might also know that the birds are most active when the sun rises and vocalizing some bird calls during this time can help bring birds closer to you. This will also help identify any particular active birds in your area.

For people who are not morning person, bird spotting can get quite exhausting. So you might want to consider these tips before getting into bird watching. Now that you know what bird watching is, it is going to be fun to get some birds to respond to you.


  1. What do you call a bird watcher?

Those people who watch birds as a part of either recreational activity or do it for some scientific study is called a bird watcher.

  1. Is bird-watching a hobby?

Bird watching is an exciting and fun hobby that is also healthy and can be done either alone or with a company of friends.

  1. What is the best time for bird watching?

The best time for bird watching is without doubt the time when the sun rises. For those who are a morning people, this hobby can be a great addition to your daily routine. 

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