Going on long, relaxing and fun vacations is something that none of us can say no to. 

Are you the kind of person who likes the calm of nature and wants to enjoy a calming yoga session? Or are you an adventure-monger who lives for thrill and wants to go trekking along steep mountains and have the time of your life while rafting? Or maybe you have a religious and spiritual inclination and want to visit holy temples and revel in their glorious chants? 

What if you want to do it all? Well, my friend, fret no more because we have the perfect solution, or rather, the perfect place that offers it all! NGL, Rishikesh allows you to do all these things and much more. 

There is a plethora of fun, adventurous, spiritual and religious things to do in Rishikesh. Planning on vacationing any time soon? There is no better place than this! Take a break from your city life and check out the 8 best things to do in Rishikesh from river rafting to bungee jumping, yoga retreats, temples and more.

Table of Contents

  1. All about Rishikesh
  2. Top 8 Things to do in Rishikesh
  3. A Detailed Description of Things to do in Rishikesh
  4. Travel Tips and Essentials from Decathlon
  5. FAQs

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All About Rishikesh

Located against the gorgeous backdrop of the Himalayan foothills, Rishikesh is the ‘Yoga Capital’ of the world. The first week of March witnesses this amazing city host yoga freaks and enthusiasts from across the world to celebrate International Yoga Day. The town of Rishikesh is located in the state of Uttarakhand within the district of Dehradun. The town is very popular for being a yoga retreat and people often visit in search of peace and calm. It is a well-known pilgrimage site for the Hindus. The town is often flooded with tourists who are attracted to the picturesque temples and ashrams. 

Ganga flowing through the place intensifies its beauty evermore. Every evening, an aarti is arranged on the banks of the river. Being a yoga retreat is only one of the qualities that this town possesses. There is something for every tourist here-spirituality through ashrams and temples, adventure and fun through bungee jumping, rafting, mountain climbing and a million other things to do. 

Over the past few years, the Holi celebrations in this vibrant town have been winning over the hearts of people. But, initially, the town became famed when in the 1960s, The Beatles, an English rock band, visited this exquisite place. They made a stop at the Maharishi Mahesh Ashram, which has become a tourist hotspot since then. The food culture of Rishikesh is nonetheless. The quaint little cafes and gorgeous restaurants set the tune for a beautiful evening with friends and family. However, since it is a religious town, meat and alcohol are out of the question. 

TBH, the charming beauty of the place will make you forget all about it!

Top 8 Things To Do In Rishikesh

The one thing that we can guarantee you is that there is no way that you will be bored in this delightful town!

A kid, a teen, an adult, a senior citizen- Rishikesh has lovely surprises for all of you! Let us have a look at all the things that the town has to offer!

  • Rafting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Trekking 
  • Paragliding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Zipline
  • Yoga 

A Detailed Description Of Things To Do In Rishikesh

Adrenaline fueled excitement and the exquisite calm of nature are the two extremes of all that you can do in Rishikesh!

River Rafting:

This is one of the best highlights of Rishikesh! River rafting gets your pulse racing as if you are on a roller coaster of sorts!You cannot consider your visit to Rishikesh complete if you don’t try rafting. Adventure junkies are buzzed by the mere thought of this activity! Experience the ultimate rafting experience on the pristine waters of Ganga! You can have a go at this activity any time during the year but the monsoon season is a big no-no due to the possibility of accidents. Typically, tourists flock to Rishikesh to experience rafting after the monsoon ends i.e. August- June.

Raft away, my friend!

Bungee Jumping:

Feel your heart leap out of your mouth as you skyrocket as if you will never touch the ground again! The bungee jumping experience is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, if you feed on thrill, it doesn’t get better than this! It is one of the most fun things to do in Rishikesh. Mohanchatti in this town is at a height of about 80m and allows you to lose yourself in this enchanting experience!

You can have a go at this activity during the non-monsoon months. Witness gravity leaving your hand as you fly!

Cliff Jumping:

If you dare to try out bungee jumping, one of the most adventurous things to do in Rishikesh, you should perhaps try the even more daunting, cliff jumping!

It will get your adrenaline going like never before! This freefall experience is out of the world! There are various cliffs and mountain tops in Rishikesh that are good for experts and beginners.

You ought to be above 14 years old to seek the thrill of this activity and can try it out between February and May. Jump away, people!


Does nature call out to you to enjoy its pristine beauty and peace? If yes, then trekking is your best friend in Rishikesh! It is one of the most pleasing things to do in Rishikesh.

Trekking along these nature trails is a once in a lifetime experience. You get to revel in the beauty of the hills, the vibrancy of the forests and the calming trickle of the rivers.

As nature enthusiasts, it would be a shame if you don’t trek along the glistening waterfalls of the town. 


Once again, a thrilling yet calming experience of paragliding allows you to witness first-hand, the picturesque glory and beauty of the hills, valleys, waterfalls and forests.

Paragliding is one of the most adventurous things to undertake in Rishikesh! There are many paragliding instructors available to guide you through this wonderful experience.

Glide away, today!

Rock Climbing:

Whether you are a novice or well versed in the sport of rock climbing, Rishikesh’s rock climbing activities are meant for all of you!

Test your core strength and satiate your need for a thrill with this adventurous activity. Place a bet with your friend over who has the best stamina and can complete the expedition first.

Go out to a quaint café after your rewarding and adventurous day out!


Heads up, all you adventure freaks! Here comes your way, another fun and adventurous thing to do in Rishikesh.

Hear your heart pumping at a zillion miles an hour as you experience the gorgeous thrill of ziplining. It is nothing short of a Disneyland horror ride!

Brace yourself as you slide down towards the river and then go back up only while being supported by a wire! Have a go at this adventure sport, today!


The yoga capital of the world offers you the exquisite opportunity to perform yoga and meditation at pristine and scenic spots.

Rejuvenate your soul with this unparalleled experience of tranquillity. You can engage in solo and group yoga sessions at your convenience.

There are a plethora of ashrams that guide you through the process and leave you wanting for more. The Sivananda Ashram is a hit among yoga enthusiasts. 

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1. What is Rishikesh famous for? 

Rishikesh is famous for a variety of things. It offers adventurous sports like grappling, rock climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping etc for adventure junkies.

While the people who enjoy peace and nature can indulge in yoga sessions and activities like grappling. It has scenic temples and quaint cafes too.

2. What is the best time to visit Rishikesh? 

Tourists flock to Rishikesh throughout the year. Domestic and international tourists are quite fond of this hill station.

However, the best time to visit Rishikesh is between September and June so that you can enjoy all the adventure activities, which are stopped in the monsoon season.

3. Is there bungee jumping in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh offers the most thrilling bungee jumping experience in India. You can fly like a bird by undertaking this adventure sport.

You are thrown up into the sky, defying gravity much like a superhero!

Rishikesh has exciting experiences to offer to people of all age groups! Plan your next trip to this delightful, charming and exquisite place. You have our word that this trip will be stamped in your memory for life.

Don’t forget to pack your trip essentials, people!

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