Shoes are an important part of any workout regime, and if you are not wearing the correct footwear, you might risk harming your entire body. So, are you on the hunt for the best gym shoes for men? If your answer is yes, you are reading the right article as this will help you with the entirety of choosing the best shoes, what to expect, etc. According to recent statistics, the revenue in the athletic footwear segment in India amounts to $3,232 million in 2018. So, let us look at the reason why this sector is booming, and how you can get the perfect pair of gym training shoes for men. 


Gym shoes happen to be the most important part of any gym duffle bag. Be it on leg day, or the day for deadlift, or simple cardio, if you do not have the best shoes for weight training and cardio, you are bound to mess your entire workout up. This is one of the major reasons why you need to invest in the right gym shoes. 

While working out at the gym, you tend to put a lot of stress on your important muscle groups. During this, the gym shoes tend to absorb most of the shock and also help you in continuing your workout by being relaxing on your toes. In many cases, it's seen that gym shoes have helped fitness enthusiasts not get hurt. With this comprehensive guide, your hunt for the best men’s shoes for the gym will end and you'll be able to make up your mind regarding the one you need to buy. 

There are many kinds of training shoes. While some are light and sleek in shape by being handy only for weight training, which is other shoes are specifically designed for running. These shoes have a great sole shape and are usually firm to provide adequate support to the toes. We'll get to know all about the best gym shoes for men in this article. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. Why is it important to find the Best Gym Shoes?
  2. Features to look into while buying the Best Gym Shoes
  3. Types of Gym Shoes and their Purposes
  4. How a Perfect Gym Shoe could result in attaining your fitness goals?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Bottom Line

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Why Is It Important To Find The Best Gym Shoes?

Choosing a proper pair of shoes can help to protect you against common injuries associated with your type of workout. The best gym shoes for men can lessen the impact of your step and cushion the foot from heavy landings. In addition, sport or exercise-specific shoes can improve your performance, enabling, for example, quick direction changes.

Improper workout footwear can cause several injuries. Besides the more obvious injuries, including ankle strains and fractures, bunions, and corns, some other lesser-known injuries are common. Metatarsalgia, a condition that presents as pain in the ball of the foot, can be worsened by poorly fitting footwear. If you do not want to risk these injuries, you need to get the best shoes for weight training and cardio. 

Worn-out gym training shoes for men do not provide your feet with adequate protection during your workout. According to many fitness enthusiasts, running shoes should be replaced every 350 to 500 miles. If you run 20 miles a week, this means you should replace your shoes every 20 to 25 weeks. Many sprinters advise against judging the wear of your shoes from the treads on the bottom. Instead, check the midsole region of the shoe that will show damage sooner.

Features to look into while buying the Best Gym Shoes:

1. You should never buy shoes for multitasking

Walking shoes are stiffer; running shoes are more flexible, with extra cushioning to handle greater impact. If you do both activities, get a pair for each one. And, if you are looking for the best gym shoes for men, ensure that you're only using them while training at the gym.

2. You need to know the correct shoe size

Sure, we've all got 10 toes and two heels, but beyond that, feet come in a variety of shapes -- and knowing your foot's particular quirks is key to selecting the right pair of shoes. Most major brands now offer a model to suit every foot type. The correct shape will help you to keep your foot comfortable, and the best men’s shoes for the gym will keep your feet comfortable, and there will be correct breathing space for your fingers. 

3. The feel of the shoes

Are your pair of gym shoes cushioned or more firm? Does the arch of the shoe feel supportive or obtrusive while working out? Do you feel like you’re fighting the shoe to find a comfortable rhythm? Most fitness enthusiasts and workout trainers say that all of these features are important when evaluating a shoe, both for comfort and for injury prevention. 

4. The life of the shoe

This criterion is harder to test in a short period, but you can always check out the customer reviews to know which shoes are the best to buy. Many fitness enthusiasts have determined that knowing the expected life of the best men’s shoes for the gym can help determine whether or not to invest in a brand—after all, sneakers can be expensive. In addition, as shoes wear out, they can make you more prone to injuries, our experts say. You can also ask your friends and connections, or read in online forums about the best shoes you can buy for your workout. 

Types Of Gym Shoes And Their Purposes

Choosing the appropriate workout shoe is possibly the only insurance available that reduces the risk of injury. Different shoes are designed to meet different requirements of athletes and gym enthusiasts. Thus, it becomes a critical purchase decision, because a wrong shoe can end up sending you to the couch with stiff knees or hurting feet. So, if you’re a crazy fitness freak, then probably you are at the right place. We’ll unfold a variety of shoe types and their features, that will help you in choosing the best shoes for you:

1. Fitness Basic Sports Shoes 

These shoes are created for people who are just starting in the gym. Our athletic shoes are ideal for a variety of activities. It comes with forefoot grooves and is designed in a way to not hurt your feet in your initial days towards a healthy life. 

2. Fitness Regular Sports Shoes 

These amazing pairs of shoes are created to provide the best possible comfort while daily training. It comes with a side flap and Hx flex system, that gives accurate flexibility to legs for achieving the goals. It also has a cushion base, that prevents your feet from getting hurt while jumping.

3. Fitness Slip-on Regular Sports Shoes 

These beautifully designed shoes are sure to become a go-to option whether in the gym or not. This is a trendy pair of high-performance shoes with a knit construction that fits your foot, elastic straps for support, and technical as well as cosmetic elements. The skin-knit and laceless construction of these shoes give the maximum possible comfort in all activities.  

How a Perfect Gym Shoe could result in attaining your fitness goals?

It is a common fact that most people who go to gyms and other fitness activities, spend the majority of their time worrying over what to wear. From their shorts, to track pants, to their headgears, everything has to be the best, but rarely do they realize that shoes – and specifically the correct shoes – are an essential component of any physical activity.  Shoes have a significant impact on your total physical performance, and the quality of these shoes gets deteriorated over time. This wear and tear can lead to an unstable foot structure, which in turn can have a big impact on fitness results.

People who are into intense working out, know the importance of wearing a nice pair of workout shoes because the feet hold the entire weight of the body while exercising. Thus, shoes, that especially are designed for gyms improve the performance of power exercises to a large extent. It is so because common running or sport shoes exposes your knees and ankles to a higher risk of injury. But appropriate footwear boosts our confidence, thus helping our focus on our training more.

Balance and stability are yet essential factors of any workout. This helps in having reduced back pain, a stronger core, and good posture during the workout sessions. Not only this, but severe pain may even hamper the training in the long run. Thus, it is important to have the right pair of shoes as it ensures core activation, which in turn aids in balancing exercises. 

Remember that there’s a shoe for every different activity, just like different individuals have different feet, so don't compromise on the shoe quality because it is one such factor that makes or breaks your fitness journey. Make a list of your fitness requirements and any daily training schedule, and then try on a variety of styles before finally settling with them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the same shoe be used for both weight training and cardio? 

You can mostly use your training shoes for both cardio and weight training since these shoes are built and designed for multi-directional movement. However, if you are going for sprints and jogs, you would rather prefer walking and running shoes, since it specializes in a heel-to-toe movement.

2. What shoes should you not wear to the gym?

You should not wear hard shoes, which have a higher chance of causing muscle sprain. You will also have to abstain from flip-flops, sandals, loafers, and other shoes, which are not appropriate for sports or fitness training. Some people prefer Crocs, but it is not ideal gym wear.

The Bottom Line:

So, what are you waiting for? With this ultimate guide and the properties listed, you can easily find the gym shoes of your needs, and maybe this will help you to get rid of any injuries whatsoever and be the right motivation for you to enter the gym, or get the membership, again. 

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