Cycling Trails of India

Cycling is one of life’s simplest pleasures that gives you the freedom to roam around to multiple locations without having to worry about a thing. Also, with a gorgeous place like India being mentioned, it is for sure that you would want to discover some of the best cycling trails that you can take your bike to. India always has wonders that everyone likes to discover slowly, and cycling trails are one of the best ways to unwrap these wonders one by one.

Things to carry in this journey (Safety Gear)

Before you embark on this magnificent journey you might want to be aware of the safety gears you need to carry for this journey. Here is what you need to buy before going out:

  • Knee cap
  • Elbow guard
  • Knap sacks
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle riding gloves
  • A bike – obviously yes
  • Money for fuel – well you do not need that one!
  • An adventurous spirit!!

Best Months for Cycling in India

As India has a varying climate schedule it is best to check the months suitable based on the place and then plan your cycling trip. The cycling routes in Kerala need to be avoided in the monsoon season between June and August as it is the time when roads might fill up with water. During this season you can take off time and explore the bike trails in the Ghat mountains. In Rajasthan, the best months to check out the road cycling routes would be in the months between October to March when there will be not-so-humid summer days with cooler nights. Hence based on your location you can check which months are the best to explore various scenic cycling paths in India.

Coastal Cycling Routes in India

Chennai to Pondicherry

One of the easiest and one of the cycling trails that will take you through seaside sights and views is one of the most popular cycling routes in India which stretches from Chennai to Pondicherry. The clear roads with sparkly beaches just add to the scenic cycling paths in India that you need to discover.

Duration – 2 days

Kochi to Backwater

An early morning glimpse of the Kochi coast is what makes this cycling trail one of the most popular cycling routes in India. Cycling through the small villages you will find out more about the local life here.

Duration – 5 days

Chennai to Rameswaram

If you want to explore some of the coastal road cycling routes in India then this one should be your go-to option. This route will include everything from offbeat locations to pleasant roads to take your bicycle rides.

Duration – 5 days

Somnath to Diu

Somnath to Diu apart from being one of the most wonderful coastal road cycling routes is also a journey where you will find out more about heritage and culture while you soak up in the sun.

Duration – 3 days

Mangalore to Goa

Mangalore to Goa is one of the most beautiful cycling trails with a lot of beaches lining up to form a clean stretch of beaches. One can also visit Gokarna which is one of the historical cycling trails in India to find out more about culture and heritage.

Duration – 6 days

Wildlife Cycling Trails in India

Munnar to Annamalai

With stretches of beautiful tea gardens, this is one of the popular cycling routes in India which has captivated a lot of tourists. If you are lucky enough you might also spot some wild animals such as boars, peacocks, elephants, etc.

Duration - 4 hours

Mysore to Ooty via Bandipur

Mysore’s rich heritage and royalty indeed need a lot of time to discover. Whereas Ooty has an all-year-round paradise. Both places can now be discovered through some of the most famous bike trails stretching right from Munnar to Ooty via Bandipur.

Duration - 3.5 hours

Holong Forest Rest House Trail

Holong Forest rest house trail is one of Darjeeling’s most scenic cycling paths in India that passes through the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. A small yet enthralling route is just perfect for those who would like to discover more about the wildlife here.

Duration – 30 minutes

Chatakpur Road Trail

This is another bikepacking route that passes through the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary and has one of the main attractions Senchal Lake apart from countless encounters with various wildlife in their natural habitat.

Duration – 1 day

Lava Viewpoint Trail

With a 7.6 km in-and-out cycling route, this is one of the moderately challenging bike trails that most people love to travel through. It is also quite popular for its bird watching and hiking.

Duration – 3 hours 2 mins

Scenic Cycling Trails in India

Kalimpong to Zuluk

While this road has a difficult terrain which is still left unexplored it is nevertheless one of the most scenic cycling paths in India that a lot of adventurers have been trying to go to.  With each curve, you get a new story on this terrain.

Duration – 6 days

Manali to Leh

With walls of snow and a spectacular sight to behold this place has one of the most scenic cycling trails in India that is curated specially for experts in cycling.

Duration – 15 days

Iruppu to Ooty

One of the best ways to spend a long weekend is by discovering some of the most scenic cycling trails in India. Iruppu to Ooty is one such experience where you will come across lakes, meandering roads, and yes even a toy train.

Duration – 2 days

Bomdila to Tawang

While it is surely one of the scenes-filled cycling trails it is surely not for the fainthearted as it can also have great adventurous routes in between. So, if you are searching for some challenging bicycle routes then this one is for you.

Duration - 6 to 7 hours

Udaipur to Jodhpur

A journey through sand dunes and an enchanting view is what awaits you on the route from Udaipur to Jodhpur. Right from lakes to forts, you can take in all the scenic views on these popular cycling routes in India.

Duration – 6 days

Long-distance cycling routes in India

Zanskar trail

Zanskar has one of the high altitudes cycling trails that most bikers take to test their skills. While it is quite hard to pass through, it still has some of the most breathtaking views which makes it one of the most scenic cycling trails in India.

Duration – 10 days

Leh to Jammu and Kashmir

Leh to Jammu and Kashmir apart from having a wonderful view also has its mountainous ranges that remain undiscovered. If you are looking for some of the road cycling routes that pass through mountains and a great view this is the one.

Duration – 12 days

Mumbai to Mangalore/Trivandrum

Mumbai to Mangalore is one of the longest-distance cycling trails that you will encounter. However, with scenic spots to give you breaks in between this trip, it is worth it.

Duration – 3 days

Manali to Spiti Valley

Right from monasteries to temples culture is one of the most prominent attractions among tourists here which makes it one of the best historical cycling trails in India which you need to explore.

Duration – 5 days

Gangtok to Nathulapass

Gangtok to Nathulapass is one of the most breathtaking passes and is also quite close to the Indo-Chinese border. It always leaves the bikers in awe.

Duration – 2 days

Urban cycling routes in India

Mumbai to Daman

A place situated about 170 km away from Mumbai, Daman is quite an underrated place that is yet to be explored by a lot of bikers. It is also one of the bicycle routes that has everything you need for your holidays right from forts, casinos, and cheap liquor to even beaches.

Duration – 2 to 3 days

Mumbai to Alibaug

One of the best ways to spend your weekend in Mumbai is to go on a cycling trail from Mumbai to Alibaug. This is also one of the most popular cycling trails in India where a lot of bikers love to take these bikepacking routes. It also allows you to explore some of the unexplored Alibaug beaches.

Duration – 1 day

Mumbai midnight tour

With a lot of wonders right there in Mumbai, you can explore some of the places such as Queen’s Necklace where you will find beautiful lights lit up at night.

Duration – 3 to 4 hours

Shillong to Cherapunjee

While going from Shillong to Cherapunjee there are some of the best hilly terrains that will leave you in awe the entire trip. It is also considered to be one of the challenging bike trails as it leads you up to the mountains.

Duration – 2 days

Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa is one of the most famous bike trails that a lot of people travel through. It also provides some of the most exquisite views ever.

Duration – 8 days

Family-Friendly Cycling Trails in India

Aravali Hills

Traveling through Aravali hills is one of the best ways to enjoy nature. It can also lead to a wonderful and relaxing experience while connecting with your friends and family.

Duration – 6 to 8 hours

Bangalore University

With minimal traffic and fantastic roads, Bangalore University is a wonderful family-friendly destination that can be discovered by going on the dedicated cycling trails.

Duration – 40 to 60 minutes

Cubbon Park

Cubon Park is a great way to explore natural habitats and enjoy a beautiful green space with nicely laid roads. Early mornings are the best to visit this place.

Duration – 1 hour

Necklace Road, Saifabad

Necklace Road located in Saifabad is one of the most scenic yet easiest roads that you can cycle through. Its cycling trails being easy is the safest and most family-friendly route ever.

Duration – 1 to 2 hours

Durgam Cheruvu Lake at HITECH City

Durgam Cheruvu Lake has a magnificent view of the lake along with some lush green trees surrounding it. The cycling trails are also well lit which makes it a great location to go cycling.

Duration – 20 to 30 minutes


Now that you are aware of some of the best locations to go cycling, you can now explore these cycling trails by yourself based on your choice. All you need to do is pack your gear and get on those two wheels to explore India you have never seen before. Also including your friends will be a great add-on to your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any safety tips for cycling on Indian trails?

Here are some of the safety tips you might want to check for while cycling on Indian trails:

  • Wear a well-fitted bicycle helmet
  • Check all your equipment needed for the trip
  • Watch out for road hazards
  • Follow all the rules in India while cycling.
  1. Are there any cycling trails suitable for beginners in India?

There are a lot of cycling trails that are specially curated for beginners in India such as follows:

  • Chennai to Pondicherry
  • Kochi to Backwater
  • Bangalore University cycling trail
  1. What are some popular cycling trails in India?

Some of the most popular cycling trails in India are as follows:

  • Coorg to Munnar
  • Mangalore to Goa
  • Roads of Rajasthan
  • Leh to Jammu and Kashmir

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