Playing a sport such as basketball tends to leave ankle injuries even in professional players, it is hence important to keep a check on the best ankle braces available and invest in them for better support while playing.


When you are a professional basketball player it is quite common to attain injuries while playing the game. However, you need to be very careful as these injuries might affect your performance negatively. The basketball ankle braces will hence help secure your ankles from any injuries that may hamper your game. If you are wondering where to get the best ankle braces to play basketball then here is a list of the best ankle brace for basketball.

Who Should Get This?

Most basketball players might have experienced an ankle injury at least once. It is hence recommended for all those wove suffered an ankle injury in the past to use this ankle support brace. This is because when you have an existing injury and you start playing your tendons tend to become weaker as and when you keep on playing. Getting the best ankle braces that are strong enough will help provide support and limit all the chances of getting another injury.

Even if you have never experienced an ankle injury it is quite important to invest in an ankle brace for the best support that will keep you safe. While ankle support might not be needed for those who play once in a while, those who play frequently do definitely need to check one out.

What to look for when buying an ankle brace

When looking to get the best basketball ankle brace it is important to check out a few qualities. All of these qualities will ensure you get a good pick.

1. Size and fit

Comfort is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the factors that judge which is the best basketball ankle brace. As there is a wide range of options available it is hence important to check for one that will fit you well while also providing the comfort you need. There are also various sizes of ankle support such as some may reach up to the ankle while others may reach up to your Achilles.

2. Durability

You would not want a basketball ankle brace that breaks down each time you get on with strong support. Hence durability plays quite an important role while helping you select the best ankle brace for basketball.

3. Style

Depending on your needs you can also check various styles that are available among the best ankle supports. While there are simple sleeves that just fit your foot there are others that consist of laces and straps which provide better stability and good compression. If you’ve got a strong ankle then you might just want to buy an ankle support brace sleeve that provides safety from injuries. However, if you’ve got injuries then you might want as much protection as possible and would want to invest in the best basketball ankle brace.

Top Ankle Braces for Basketball: Our Picks

Looking after good basketball ankle braces might sound like heavy work, however when you’ve got a list of the best ankle braces then you'd want to invest in these ones that will actually keep you safe.

1. Ankle Brace Strong 100 Black

Product Description:

The Ankle Brace Strong 100 Black is one of the basketball ankle braces that you might want to buy if you’ve ever had injuries while playing the game. This basketball ankle brace also provides great support while also adding effective, adjustable compression. It is not only easy to put on and tighten but it also has a breathable fabric that keeps you comfy all day.


  • Best for: Athletes with previous injury history
  • Key Features: Ankle ligament support with the help of the tight elastic strap
  • Material: Elastic knit
  • Style: Sleeve
  • Weight: Lightweight

2. TARMAK: Ankle Brace Soft 100 Black

Product Description:

The Ankle Brace Soft 100 Black provides great ankle support for players’ ankles while also providing uniform joint compression. This allows the ankle to stay in place without getting any injury. The Ankle Brace Soft 100 Black is designed in such a way that it provides freedom of movement and hence does not restrict your foot movement while playing the game.


  • Best for: Sports professionals
  • Key Features: Uniform joint support with breathable material
  • Material: knit fabric
  • Style: Sleeve
  • Weight: 

3.  Ankle Brace Soft 500 Black

Product Description:

The Ankle Brace Soft 500 Black is made with the safety of the players’ ankles kept in mind. With the help of these basketball ankle braces, it is possible to attain a sense of compression which keeps the ankle safe from any injuries while playing.


  • Best for: Preventing injuries while playing
  • Key Features: Keeps out perspiration with the airy knit material
  • Material: Airy knit
  • Style: Sleeve
  • Weight: 

4.  Ankle Brace Soft 900 Black

Product Description:

With the help of the Ankle Brace Soft 900 Black, it is possible to prevent any sort of injuries along with osteoarthritis, especially with the uniform joint compression being provided with ankle support.


  • Best for: Ankle brace for best support
  • Key Features: Foam pads inside ankle support brace
  • Material: Airy knit
  • Style: Sleeve
  • Weight: 

5.  Adult Right/Left Ankle Brace for Joint Support Strong 900 - Black

Product Description:

The Adult Right/Left Ankle Brace for Joint Support Strong 900 – Black is one of the best ankle braces for basketball players who are returning to play after a grave injury. This basketball ankle brace provides great support along with comfort which gets adapted to the ankle shape.


  • Best for: Players returning after injury
  • Key Features: Innovative WireLock system
  • Material: Airy knit
  • Style: Sleeve with elastic straps
  • Weight: 



There are tons of basketball ankle barces to choose from however if you are wondering which are the best ankle braces then it will definitely depend on your needs along with prior injury history. While a lot of people might think why to invest in an ankle brace for support, it is important to understand that playing while wearing a basketball ankle brace is better than not wearing one. These apart from being the best partner for a professional player are also great for daily life. It acts as a great support for arthritis, cramps, and foot pain.


1. Should I wear an ankle brace for basketball?

Yes, it is of utmost importance that basketball players wear an ankle brace as that will provide great support. It also helps reduce any injury occurrence.

2. How do you protect your ankles in basketball?

When playing basketball it is needed that you invest in one of the best basketball ankle braces as that allows for good support along with saving from any injuries.

3. What ankle braces do NBA players wear?

NBA players tend to look out for those ankle braces that provide great support to the ankle such as the Adult Right/Left Ankle Brace for Joint Support Strong 900 – Black which consists of an elastic strap to keep your ankle in place.

4. Can I play basketball with a sprained ankle?

Ankle sprains can range from mild to severe. It is hence important to check the range of injury. Even if it is mild it is recommended to not play basketball as it could heal incorrectly leading to chronic issues.

5. Can I run with my ankle brace?

An ankle brace is curated in such a way that it supports your ankle, so it is quite okay to run with your ankle braces on. However, you might want to check for fit and style before buying one.

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