The shame of skipping a workout to hang out with friends has been felt by all of us. But what if you could combine your time with friends and your exercise? Make working out enjoyable by organising a badminton match with your buddies. Make a racket with your squad as you visit these badminton courts in Pune!


A fantastic racquet sport with many advantages for players is badminton. If you're seeking a sport that improves your physical, mental, and social well-being, badminton is a great choice, whether you play singles or doubles. Although badminton has been played since the 19th century, it is currently seeing rapid growth in popularity, with thousands of players on courts all over the city. These badminton courts in Pune aid the players in obtaining all of their advantages on their courts.

Top 10 Badminton Courts In Pune

Decathlon Sports India - Wagholi

For several years, Decathlon Sports India - Wagholi has drawn a sizable number of badminton enthusiasts. This badminton court in Pune offers a simple way for people to change clothing in a secure setting with plenty of amenities so they may spend more time on the court frequently. People are strongly encouraged to be aware of and comprehend the various types of immunity that the association provides because a player needs to get the most out of convenience in an efficient manner.

Address: Survey No.1333/4, Next to Soyarik Garden Bhadale Nagar, Nagar Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 412207
Hours: Closes 10 pm every day
Phone: 077698 63893

Chandrasekhar Agashe College Badminton Court

The site has a Chandrasekhar Agashe badminton court, which occasionally permits visitors to play depending on availability. It is common knowledge that most people prefer to use facilities with well-maintained badminton courts in Pune near me because doing so enables them to take use of greater features and options more effectively. Because it provides a wide range of different gaming possibilities conveniently, the Chandrasekhar badminton court has emerged as a favourite among most seasoned players.

Address: 3, Shankar Rao Lohane Marg, Opposite Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Gultekadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411037
Hours: Closes 10 pm every day
Phone: 020 2426 1872

Chondhe Patil Badminton Court

Because it offers top-tier luxury amenities for spaces to enjoy practically, the Chondhe Patil Badminton Court is a bit more expensive than other options close by. The majority of wealthy people would want to join a luxury club to connect with like-minded others and play the game conveniently. Together with badminton courts to get better mileage out of membership occasionally, the badminton court in Pune offers the most sporting variety for people to enjoy. Knowing and comprehending the various rules and guidelines of having a paid membership on the badminton court is strongly advised because it enables users to regularly take advantage of all available alternatives.

Address: HQPH+FXW, Pimple Nilakh, Vishal Nagar, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411027
Hours: Closes 12 am every day
Phone: 086985 41010

College of Engineering Hall

An independent campus for engineering graduates, the College of Engineering also offers the chance for both students and visitors to utilise the badminton court for extended periods. People can take advantage of greater facilities without occasionally sacrificing their money because the property is maintained by the college. It is highly advised that people look for a campus with a variety of possibilities because it enables them to occasionally experience other sporting options.

Address: GVJ4+9G7, Above COEP Boat Club, COEP, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005
Hours: Opens 7 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday
Phone: Not available

Dhanlaxmi Society Complex

The majority of the city's residents choose the Dhanlaxmi Society Complex as one of their top choices since it effectively combines a traditional feeling with enough immunity. For the majority of people to enjoy their stay in the community for an extended period, appealing parking and bathing alternatives are crucial. Everyone wants a team to enjoy sports in the best possible way. People can easily connect with others who share their interests and have a fantastic time playing overtime at the Dhanlaxmi Society Complex.

Address: FRHF+737, Sun City Rd, Sun City, Anand Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411051
Hours: Closes 11 pm every day
Phone: 094056 78799

Gananjay Society Badminton Court

The Gananjay Society's badminton court is tasteful and intimate, allowing guests to regularly play with a small group of opponents. There is only one badminton court on the property, but it gets regular use by a variety of people at various times. Those visiting the Gananjay Society badminton court are strongly advised to bear this in mind because each player needs to conserve time while playing effectively.

Address: 86, DP Rd, Shastri Nagar, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411058
Hours: Closes 10 pm every day
Phone: Not available

Happy Colony Community Hall

For the majority of novices, the Happy Colony community hall is a popular choice because it flexibly offers coaches or facilities based on needs and money. People can easily find experience quotations in the paid Community Hall to learn the gain without sacrificing the deadline in a simple approach. It is a well-known truth that the majority of individuals prefer to receive training from an experienced professional before beginning a sport for an extended period. A skilled individual course will assist players in comprehending the tricks and suggestions to play the game and quickly defeat an opponent.

Address: 27, Happy Colony Rd, Rahul Nagar, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038
Hours: Closes 10 pm every day
Phone: Not available

Magarpatta Badminton Court

A badminton court in Magarpatta is one of the most pristine and professional badminton courts in the City, drawing a large number of like-minded people over a long period. Because it is simpler to go effectively from the workplace to the premises, the majority of working professionals prefer to visit the badminton court in Pune near me both morning and evening. Every working person in the city is strongly encouraged to play badminton at the Magarpatta badminton court to easily stay fit by burning enough calories daily.

Address: Seasons Mall Road, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411028
Hours: Closes 7 pm every day
Phone: 020 6709 7949

Maharashtra Mandal Badminton Court

Mandal badminton court in Maharashtra is one of the quotes used by locals to describe how to effectively give badminton players greater and more possibilities. There are three courts in total on the property, so folks must select times that work for them so they can frequently locate the court. People are strongly encouraged to get to know the other players on the court because doing so will help them figure out how to play the game effectively for a long period.

Address: 1537, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Rd, Ramashram Society, Limayewadi, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030
Hours: Closes 9 pm every day
Phone: +91 70307 43553

Manmohan Society Badminton Court

The badminton court is situated in Manmohan Society and provides one court for frequent badminton play. It is common knowledge that most individuals like to use a badminton court in Pune daily to maintain their fitness and have fun again. Given that there is only one court on the property, individuals must find a location where they can play every day. It is highly advised for boosting provision to select the court after conducting an adequate study on the location and its residents because it enables them to easily enjoy a large quantity of playing time while on the property.

Address: FRWC+P73, Manmohan Society, Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411052
Hours: Closes 6 pm every day
Phone: 096577 12602


Badminton is one of the calm, risk-free activities that has been enjoyed for a very long time by people of all ages who want to regularly engage in enjoyment and exercise. People are strongly encouraged to look into the many badminton courts and clubs that are accessible in Pune because doing so enables them to indulge in beneficial physical activity without significantly impacting their budget. There are many badminton courts in Pune, and it is highly advised for any player to sign up so they can play with other enthusiasts and pros occasionally to maintain their fitness.

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