Mark Out the Shooting Area

Did you know? A steel-tipped arrow can travel hundreds of metres. This is why you should never shoot an arrow into the air. As for arrows with a suction tip, they don't fly quite so far. This makes them the perfect partner for learning to shoot safely, particularly for children (who must always be supervised by an adult).  

There are just a few safety precautions you need to take before you start (see safety rules below): stand 3 to 10 metres away from the target, which should be set up in a clear space, and never use people or animals as targets.

Then go to a club and follow the safety rules below. This is because there are specific safety regulations governing archery.

What Should You Do Before Shooting?

"Better safe than sorry." So the saying goes, so it's always worth doing an equipment check (bow and arrows) before starting. Your arrow, shaft and nock should be checked over with a fine-tooth comb. A damaged arrow could shatter when released, which could lead to injury.
Once you are sure that everything is in tip-top condition, and that no-one is in the shooting zone, it's time to get started.
Ready to shoot? Loose your arrow and watch it fly into the target. All that remains is to collect it from the target.


Head over to the target to count up your points. To collect your arrow, simply pull the tab on the sucker to unstick it from the target.
A little tip for you: there's nothing to be gained from running to the target. Make sure there's no-one behind you when you pull the arrow off the target.

Arrow for archery

Take care. Collect your arrow by placing one hand flat against the target and grasping the shaft between your thumb and index finger for a good grip when pulling it out. Hold an arrow puller in your other hand so you can pull the arrow away from the target with both hands.
The tip above applies to you too ;-).

Bonus Tips

As a bonus, here are some practical safety tips.

  • Remember to store your equipment in a cool, dry place.
  • As mentioned above, store your equipment correctly.
  • Do you have an arm guard? It's an essential accessory for stopping the arrow rubbing your arm, whatever your standard.

If you're a beginner in a club, you might also want an arm guard, a finger tab and a chest guard.  This is the holy trinity for archers.

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