The 75 hard challenge drives people to follow 5 rules that focus on physical and mental health while also helping you provide some great 75 hard challenge results.

What is the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 hard challenge was initially created by the entrepreneur and influencer Andy Frisella. Andy Firsella is the CEO of the 1st Phorm International which is a supplement organization that clears out around $175 million in revenue each year. Apart from also being the CEO he has also successfully founded around 5 additional businesses in the supplement industry. He is also an active public speaker and is the host of several top businesses and entrepreneurial podcast which also includes the “Real AF Podcast” and the “MFCEO Project”.

This challenge has been advertised as a “transformational mental toughness program.” This program was initially started in the year 2019 and has picked up the pace, especially in late 2020. While it is mainly revolved around the fitness component this program also tends to target other self-improvement aspects that are aimed at the transformation of life overall.

Rules of 75 Hard Challenge

The 75 hard challenge trends to revolve around 5 main daily tasks that you need to complete every single day for all the 75 days without a break. These critical tasks can be provided as follows:

  1. Follow any of the 75 hard challenge diet that is designed for your goals with no alcohol or even any cheat meals.
  2. Complete two of the 45-minute workouts each day and one of these two exercises must be done outside.
  3. Drink almost a gallon of water each day apart from following the 75 hard challenge diet.
  4. Read about 10 pages of a self-improvement or educational book each day.
  5. Take a picture of your progress every day to keep track of your 75 hard challenge results.

These tasks are not just for your physical fitness but also focus on self-improvement activities which hence involve both physical and mental self-improvement.

One of the main rules over here is that if your failure to complete these dive tasks in a day then you will need to start over the challenge all over again.  Although most of these tasks are doable however you need to complete all of these for about 75 days in order to complete the actual challenge contrary to completing the tasks one by one.

Upsides and Downsides of 75 Hard Challenge

Each of the challenges does have its own upsides and downsides. Here is a list of upsides and downsides of this 75 hard challenge that people are trying to complete to attain the 75 hard challenge results.

  • You tend to follow a great nutrition plan along with a wonderful workout program being placed in your routine for about 75 days which will result in weight loss and fitness.
  • Drinking almost a gallon of water will help you keep your body hydrated. Especially when you’ve got a busy schedule you tend to forget to keep yourself hydrated. This challenge helps achieve this goal as well.
  • 10 pages a day will help you finish a book that provides an insightful and thought-provoking activity that will again have a positive effect on your mental health.
  • You will also get a great boost to your knowledge, skill set, and motivation.
  • Finally with the help of photos you can keep a rack of all the changes that you are coming across in these 75 days of your challenge.

Downsides of completing 75 hard challenge

Unlike its name, it has some serious side effects as well. Here are some of the highlighted downsides that are quite often observed.

  • Changing a lifestyle tends to have a great deal of stress on your body. In fact not just your body but also you get mentally stressed out due to the sudden change in your schedule.
  • There is no specific goal being set in the case of mental or physical fitness. The overall effect is only looked at. It is hence hard to stick to it in the long run.
  • Activities tend to be limited to specific areas of life such as the time that you dedicate to this challenge is quite low which tends to provide low commitment levels as well.
  • There is no flexibility in this challenge. This challenge as it requires you to either complete the 75 days or start it all over if you miss it gives you a hard time adjusting to it.

Who cannot do the 75 Hard Challenge?

Those people who think that they might be triggered by following these diet rules, progress photos, and tough exercise routines might not want to get indulged in the 75 hard challenge. Especially if you have ever dealt with an eating disorder, exercise addiction, or body dysmorphia then this challenge is definitely not an option for you.

Those people with existing injuries or health conditions are also advised to consult a medical professional before actually taking on this challenge. With all this being kept in mind, while you can follow the 75 hard challenge ensure that you are not pushing way too out of your comfort zone and are always abiding by any experts’ advice that you get.

Experts' opinion

Both medical professionals and psychologists have a similar opinion when it comes to the 75 hard challenge. This challenge while it may benefit you through the series of activities that you are doing, might also have other effects as there is no consideration of the various fitness ranges. Experts also claim that long-term results can be achieved with a bit more of flexibility in your 75 hard challenge.

According to Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba who is a psychiatrist with 17 years of experience states that “While it is common to do various activities in your everyday life however not every person can work out twice and it is quite normal to fall sick and, in such conditions, it is recommended to avoid intense workouts.”

Christie Hartman with a Ph.D. in mental health and psychology states that, “While I am a sucker for self-improvement, however with 75 hard challenges there is no expertise or research and it is just more of an ‘it worked out for me’ statement. While that may seem fine it may lead to a lot of physical and mental stress though it may show some 75 hard challenge results as well.”

Experts hence in general feel that the 75 hard challenge is unnecessarily restrictive for achieving the goals and has quite a lot of downsides for some of the individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is 75 hard challenge advisable for women?

While women can indulge in the 75 hard challenge it is important to note how you are working out and eating such that sufficient calories are being consumed. It also helps improve hormonal levels however you can go a bit easy during your menstrual phase.

  1. What are the side effects of 75 hard challenge?

The challenge tends to have a very strict 75 hard challenge diet that focuses on eating healthy for all the 75 days without any cheat meals. This can tend to have an unhealthy relationship with food.

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