Looking at the kind of year that we have dealt with, a vacay is just what the doctor ordered! Sit back, rewind and soak at the moment as we are going to suggest something wonderful to you- take a break! Pack your bags, the bags of your loved ones and embark on a journey that would be etched in your mind forever! Wondering where to go? While international travel isn’t advised, our nation has many precious gifts to offer. Venture into one of them- Pondicherry, where the adventure takes a quaint turn! 

We all are aware of the beauty and rich history of Pondicherry- the French have left a long-lasting impression on that land. While we know Pondicherry for its beaches and architecture, this region is a bewitching spot for those who seek something out of the ordinary. We are talking about adventure sports, as Pondicherry is known for it. If you want to go beyond the study of history and imperialism, you might want to check out the list that we have for you. 

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7 fun adventure sports for you to try in Pondicherry- 1 bonus activity! 


1.      Surfing – The God of Water Sport 


The term “sea, sand and surf” was coined for a particular reason- the sea is synonymous to surfing. Both cannot exist without each other, with mankind capitalizing on this bond to chalk out an exhilarating activity! Surfing has transcended from being a water-based activity to a way of life for many and in pondicherry, you’ll find the peak of surfer’s fever. Pondy, as the region is lovingly called, has bespoke beaches where surfing is carried out in the forwarding face of a wave. Hence, surfing in Pondy is good for beginners as well as seasoned enthusiasts and even pro-surf sportsmen. The beaches are thronging in trainers and surf shacks, so you are in good hands!  

Surf schools in Pondicherry : Kallilay Surf SchoolMother Ocean Surf SchoolSurf Turf (Kovalam) 
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2.      Scuba Diving – A glimpse of the Marine Life 

While life on land is no doubt beautiful, it’s what’s hidden in the depths of the sea that fascinates us the most. That azure blue water surrounding us as we divedeeper, discovering its vivid flora and fauna- straight out of the visualization of Little Mermaid! Tantalizing, is it? Then Scuba Diving is the activity for you- with Pondy being the pearl of the oyster! Embark on the journey alone- or with your loved ones, this activity is sure to whet your appetite for what lies beneath. Discover schools of fishes, kelps, coral reefs, and many more of the beautiful underwater. For beginners, you can even request your trainers for some extra moments with your Piscean friends! 

Scuba diving in pondicherry : Temple AdventuresDive Careers IndiaScubarasta
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3.      Kayaking – An elevation to boating 


We all have seen Pocahontas- it’s a movie that remains vivid in our minds! Apart from the fierce leading lady and the talking tree, that movie introduced us to one of the most enthralling adventure sports which you shouldn’t miss-kayaking! No more a prerogative only for hunters, kayaking has taken a modern approach and transformed itself into a recreational activity. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to kayak in Pondy, owing to the amass of backwaters there. 

Where to do kayaking in Pondicherry : Temple AdventuresKaraikal Beach
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4.      Paddle Boarding – A unique experience for you! 

Boating has been a huge part of our water-sports activity for a long, yet how many of us can say that we have paddle-boarded? Paddleboarding involves standing on an inflated paddle to enhance the manoeuvring- similar to how the pioneers of the past would boat. Famous in the lakes and rivers of America, this thrilling activity comes to the Indian water, with you being a part of it in Pondicherry. Pondy's still water lakes are perfect for this activity as you waft through the calm waters, calling forth your adventurer spirit. Hire a good trainer, a fun paddleboard and you are good to go! 

Standup paddleboarding in pondicherry : Quest Adventure Sports Academy, Kallilay Surf School
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5.      Kite Surfing – A new way to careen over waters 

Ever wanted to chase the winds, while the cool sprays of water kiss your skin? You can- with kite surfing!  This unique sport gives you a rush that is incomparable to others- your heart would pump with every twist and turn! Imagine the thrill of a kite, along with that of surfing and voila! You have Kite Surfing! Kite surfing involves the usage of the kite to make use of the wind, where you simply hold the cord of a kite and surf over water with the kite propelling you. It might sound complicated, but it is fairly easy and many haunts in Pondy beaches host such activities. 

Kitesurfing in Pondicherry : ScubarastaKallilay Surf SchoolMother Ocean Surf 

6.      Canoeing – A splash is awaiting 

Covering kayaking and paddle boarding reminded us of another boating-related activity aka canoeing! While not as popular as the rest of the two, canoeing is an adventure on its own, as you traverse through the lakes and rivers of Pondicherry. Pondicherry is known for its water bodies- both calm and turbulent hence, canoeing has risen to such demands. This activity has all for both adventure seekers as well as those who want to be in one with nature- you can either go chase the rapids or drift calmly on the lake with your canoe. Don’t forget to carry your camera and notebook- you never know what experience waits for you! What’s best is that even beginners can participate in this activity and still ace it better than the most hardened enthusiast. 

Canoeing in Pondicherry : Temple AdventuresKaraikal Beach
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7.      Windsurfing – For the skills and thrills 

Now, this is something for the hardcore adrenaline junkie within us, as we drift through the wind clutching on the sail of our boards! Yes- windsurfing can be touted as one of the coolest adventure sports owing to the fact that it can be done on any surface of the water, with great skills and dexterity. This activity requires agile perception of the water and rapid fast motor skills. The water of Pondy forms the perfect backdrop for this, with all the facilities and guidance readily available. 

Windsurfing in Pondicherry : Scubarasta, Kallilay Surf School, Mother Ocean Surf 



So, get out there and chase your new adventure

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