But you're also inclined toward starting the new year on the run to eliminate the excess weight that has piled on?

We, therefore, advice you to try swimming! Why? For countless reasons, but especially because it is one of the most complete and energy-consuming sports that help you burn maximum calories while promoting muscle growth. Not to mention how swimming in winter helps you relieve pain, wraps you with inner warmth, wards off stress and more. Here are the details;

1. Lose Weight

Whether your purpose is to lose those extra pounds or just stay in shape, swimming remains (followed by a balanced diet of course) one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals
Swimming is a very energy-consuming sport. Practiced regularly at a moderate pace and diversifying its exercises will help you reduce almost 600 calories to ashes!

2. Sculpt Your Abs 

Are you worried about the number of sweets you've consumed during Christmas? Well, let me tell you that swimming will allow you to consume all those chocolate wafers without any indigestion.

The good news is that all the different strokes will help you in different ways to achieve your goal. The breaststroke, for example, will strengthen your lap belt. The crawl and back crawl will help you lose your "love handles" while soliciting your obliques. The butterfly indisputably remains the most favourable swim for abdominal work.  Do not skimp on the leg exercises either, they are very effective for strengthening your abs!

3. Combat Stress And Anxiety

After the Festive seasons, the most complicated thing to do is not to leave the couch and the good food but to get back to our stifling routine.

 Do not panic! Proven time and again, swimming is an anti-stress sport that allows you to feel pleasure in your fast-paced life.

It being repetitive in nature, gives you the feeling of "letting go!" To forget daily hassles and worries. In addition, the effort you put in and your immersion into the aquatic environment enables your body to secrete endorphins (pleasure hormones) causing a general feeling of well-being.

4. Improve Your Musculature And Cardio

So let's try to turn the tide and sculpt our body to our liking! Being a multi-purpose sport, swimming can really be an integral part of your bodybuilding strategy.

Swimming allows all the muscle groups of your body to work in a balanced and homogeneous way. Varying your swimming exercises will help to solicit the muscles which you wish to develop in particular.

Do not forget to diversify your workouts to work all the muscles of your body to shape it in a harmonious way and at your leisure!

5. Improve Your Skin

Swimmers have the advantage of benefiting from the virtues and benefits of the aquatic environment. The pressure of the water, passing over your body causes a circulatory effect, massaging and draining allowing the skin to firm up and cellulite to fade!

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