Often in life, it is the physical aspects that form the first mark of impression. Hence, an impressive height plays an important role in creating great first impressions. For parents who are worried about their children’s height, sports is the direction that one should look at. Human Growth Hormone (HGH), that gets released from the pituitary gland, is at its peak when undertaking activities that involve jumping and running. Guess which sport we are talking about- it’s basketball! Yes! Basketball can help your child grow! Let’s learn more about it

How basketball affects the height

Have you seen kids playing basketball? They have a fairly good height and are working towards the peak of physical excellence. Why is that? There are quite a few theories behind this. Jumping takes the majority of the credit here, as the repeated jumping on the court is said to be an enabler of sorts. While approaching for a jump, you elongate your body upwards, reach for a rebound or go in for a layup. While coming down the body weight and gravity come into play, compressing your body, that is said to cause extra blood flow to your growth plates. Apart from jumping, basketball also consists of running, which is shown to release HGH, helping in growth. Finally, dribbling and shooting both are activities that involve working out of the whole body- from the arms to the spine. Basketball is an activity that provides complete body work out- and it's beneficial for growing kids.

Here are a few basketball exercises that your kids can pick up, to improve their height:



  1. Calf Stretch:

Did you know? Calves matter! While they may seem inconsequent, calves play an essential role in the healthy functioning of the body- they facilitate movement from one place to another. Hence calves are the very first place, where strengthening is required. Calves are also the starting point of growth; hence calf stretch is advised as a beginners exercise. 

  • For this, stand straight facing a wall, with your hands on the wall.
  • Place the right foot forward, with the heel touching the ground.
  • Procced to bend your knee slightly while pushing your left leg backwards.
  • This is called a stretch, as you flex yourself to the limit and lean toward the wall.
  • Hold the position and then, slowly come back.


  1. Reverse Table Pose:

Now that your child has mastered the stretch pose, it is time to challenge him/ her with a unique pose. Called as the Reverse Table Pose, this is an effective variation to the regular stretch and helps condition the muscles. This helps strengthen strengthens shoulder, lower back, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor muscles- all of which are integral for the growth of height. 

  • To start with, sit on the mat with your legs drawn out and arms on each side.
  • Bend your knees, keeping your feet flat and slowly, move your hands behind your hips, with a width of your shoulders. 
  • Turn your fingers in the direction towards your feet, keep your elbows straight, and keep your hands and feet firm on the ground.
  • Gradually, lift your hips towards the sky, raising your chest, and drawing your shoulders into your back.
  • While keeping knees, torso, and chest parallel to the ground, don’t strain any muscles and try relaxing and keep your legs firm.
  • Slowly bend your head backwards and look at the wall.
  • Remain in that position.


  1. Hanging from a Bar:
One of the oldest and best ways to train for height and basketball is the hanging technique. While people consider it to be an urban legend, there is much truth behind it. It decompresses the spine and corrects the introduces the posture, enabling an increase in height. 

• For this, you need a hanging rod/bar.

• Jump and hold onto the rod or bar, keeping your palms facing outwards.

• Stay in that position for as long as possible.

• Jump down and repeat

• For best results, continue the process for at least three months.


  1. Side Stretch:

Stretching sideways is the base to every warmup- be it in football or basketball. With a practice that has been passed through the pages of time- side stretch is a popular exercise. In fact, all of us have done the side stretch quite in our lives. As we all know, stretch exercises are integral for growth. For side stretch, the vigorous action helps the muscles grow, making them elongated as well. 

• Stand straight with your legs parallel to the shoulder.

• Joining your palms, bring your arms them together.

• Stretch on either side, alternatively, staying on each side for at least ten seconds.


  1. Forward Spine Stretches:


Not surprisingly, stretches are a key to a better height, amongst kids. They say that this leg stretching exercise helps in increasing your height even after 21. This set of stretches focus on the back, abdominal muscles, and hamstrings, stretching and realigning the back. 

• Sit down with a correct posture- your spine should remain erect.

• Keep your legs forward, spreading them your legs.

• Gently, bend forward and touch your heels, stretching your leg muscle.

• Hold this then slowly move back into a sitting position.



Supplement this with some running, dribbling and other basketball drills. Don’t worry- with our fun collection of kid’s basketball accessories, you can set up an indoor court with ease! So, get them growing!

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