1. Zig and Zag
Zig Zag soccer

This is a soccer drill for adult beginners, which is a passing drill. Players practice passing and shooting skills with this drill. For the beginning players who always get caught up defending, this drill helps in developing the skill of moving a football ball up the field.

  • Players positon in a zig zag manner in the field with six players per drill group.
  • The ball thrown by the goalkeeper is passed from full backs to halfback and then the wing
  • The wing crosses the ball to a forward aiming for a good goal.

  1. Shoulder to Shoulder
Shoulder shots in soccer

A drill designed for both the defensive and offensive players. For the offensive players, this is to practice quick shooting under pressure. While for the defensive players, how to clear the ball

  • There will be three players per drill
  • One player and the defensive player line up shoulder to shoulder
  • Once the ball is thrown, the defensive player turns in an attempt to gain the ball’s control
  • The other player attempts to shot a perfect goal.

  1. Shark in the Middle
Shark shots in soccer

This fun soccer drill is geared to develop the concentration and composure under high pressure situations. As the name suggest, assuming the shark in the middle, how one reacts and thinks, therefore building up our thinking skills so that in a sudden death match the players can compose their mind on where to pass and where the ball is heading to.

  • The players are instructed to form a large circle in the yard, with a player in the middle being the shark
  • The ball is randomly passed to a player
  • On the whistle, the player passes the ball to another line and it continues passing through circles like a warm up.
  • On the next whistle, the real game begins. The ball is passed over continuously to different players without allowing the shark to gain the possession while intercepting the pass
  • Once the ball is possessed by the shark, the player who made the pass, becomes the next shark and the drill continues

  1. Head Return
Head return shot

This shooting drill focus on the headers, who are the only left option in a tight situation. Thus a throw in receiver must always be comfortable using a forehead pass.

  • A player attempts a throw in to another one standing few yards away from the sidelines of the field
  • Once the sideline player steps into the field, the middle player heads the ball back
  • With quick control the sideline player throws ball to the other for a heading. This keeps on repeating.

  1. Overlap and Pass
Overlap and pass the ball

This shooting drill is both a mental and a physical drill together. This helps in providing sharp and clean passes so that the teammates can pass it on for a goal. The direction of the pass must be well set in mind before heading.

  • 3 groups of 3 players will be used in this dribble.
  • 3 players align themselves making a triangle near the end line
  • Once the whistle is blown the player in the middle pass the ball to the one in the side.
  • At the very moment, the middle player runs ahead and overlaps the side player
  • This continues with the third player and passes on until the three players reaches the other end of 3 players.

  1. Start Up
Soccer drills

Once a goal is scored and the game restarts, the quarter back players prepare for a kick off. But these players are always targeted by the opposite team. Start up soccer drill creates moves, scoring opportunities from the kick off.

  • A team of 5 per drill is used in this drill
  • Naming the players, A B C D and E, would be a convenient way to figure out the exact positions and role.
  • A passes a short pass to B.
  • While the player A C and E runs, forward the line, B passes the ball to D
  • The player D dribbles the ball back toward the corner of the yard line
  • Now any player who has the chance to serve perfect goal, can utilize I here.

  1. Nutmeg and Shoot
Soccer drills or adults

An advanced soccer drill which improves the player’s skill arsenal. This helps a player to run with a pass that might be in between a defender’s legs.

  • A group of three per drill is suggested
  • One player at the center circle, one at the end of the yard line and the last one at a distance ahead the one in center circle
  • The center player passes the ball to the one ahead of him/her.
  • This player who passes the ball between his legs, kicks it to the one at the end of the yard line
  • The one at the yard line, controls he ball with his/her dribbling skills and scores a goal.

  1. Musical Ball

As the name resonates, musical ball is akin to our old memory of musical chair. This is a dribbling drill. A musical drill that help players to win a ball and dribble away from the pressure and avoid wasting their precious energy on chasing.

  • Practiced with 5 players and 4 soccer balls
  • The balls are placed near the center circle and the players line upon the 6-yard line
  • On a whistle, the players run over to in sparkling speed to get hold of the ball
  • The one left, attempts to loot away the ball from any other player dribbling around the ground.
  • This is restricted to a time of 1 minute. By the time, players develop their ball handling and dribbling skills.

  1. Center of Town
Soccer drills

Prescribes both for offensive and defensive players. This is a soccer drill, which upgrade our shooting, dribbling and defensive skill. For the offensive players, this helps in dribbling and feinting in a confined area. While for the defensive players, this serves the tackling and clearing skills.

  • 2 in each drill group
  • Making a square, each players are placed on specific corners.
  • A player who is in between the flags, from center beats the defensive players and dribbles forward the goal
  • The player can only make a shot once he/she passes the last set of flags.

  1. Cross Control
Cross control in soccer

Cross control is a shooting soccer drill. This drill works when players inside the boxes located on the edges of penalty boxes and finish crosses, which are received from the wing players.

  • 2 cones are used to mark boxes around the edge of penalty area
  • 2 players are designated as the crosses and are placed outside the penalty area.
  • The balls are divided evenly between 2 crosses.
  • Each player from the aligned lines on each sides, comes forward and prepares to receive the cross. Players who receive the cross must start inside the box.

  1. Breathing Room
Soccer drills

Just like the name, this soccer drill is played when the players have to manage and react to congested areas. The players most often have to make a quick decision whether to shoot/ pass the ball to the other team mate. This drill is largely structured for defensive players.

  • The drill takes place in the penalty area
  • 7 players are used, with 4 serving the defense, 2 as the offensive players and 1 who throws in the ball.
  • The neutral player throws in the ball to the domain of the offensive players
  • Without a wild kick, the offensive players look for a breathing room, to get a clear shot for the goal. They dribble around to get the perfect angle.
  • The defenders have no kicks on their plate, rather they have to offend and somehow prevent the offensive players from scoring.
  • Once a goal is scored, the players line up for a new drill.

  1. Breathe Easy

The emphasis of wing fake is to provide a space for the offensive players to play and practice change of pace and other feigning techniques to make it clear for a cross.

  • Cones are used to mark the appropriate side lines
  • The drill has 2 players per group on board
  • 2 players from each sides dribble down the touchlines
  • They have to stay in the marked areas, the offensive players have no space inside this domain
  • The two player’s dribble’s and tackles the defensive players to cross the ball to the flag in penalty area. A cross can be done anytime midway during the run.

  1. Off Limits
Soccer drills for adults

It is cardinal to feed a pass to receiver, far away, during the game. This soccer drill for adult, who is an advanced player. The receiver can either be a player on shot or a player that change the direction of the play.

  • Assign 10 cones and 1 soccer ball for a group of players
  • The field is divided into 3 sectors from end line to end line and further to 4 sections from touch line to touch line
  • The middle section is off limit for players
  • Beginning from one zone, two players should pass a ball over the off limits. The ball must be kicked from 1 zone to the other.
  • The receiving player must trap or hold the control of the ball before it goes off bound.
  • Both these procedures must be done repeatedly by both players.

  1. Chase Down 
Soccer drills

This is a fun warm up drill, for the players to develop the skills of running longer distance while carrying the ball.

  • Each player should find a spot along the short edge with their ball
  • On a whistle the players dribble with the ball towards 50 -yard line
  • Few other players are chosen to intercept and divert the players from reaching their goal. These players have to divert as much as balls as they can
  • Each player should reach the line, even the one who’s balls are diverted should dribble around to catch up with it
  • The drill ends once a single player is left.

  1. Sudden Death
Soccer drills

A combination of fun and difficult exercise, which is the best soccer drill for adults. This soccer training drill, develops the ball handling ability of a player in a tight and confined area or situation. To add to its benefits, this soccer drill suffices the player the ability to run with the ball without concentrating to his feet.

  • Each player should select their ball and find a place to stand in the penalty box
  • On the first whistle, the players dribble around with their ball, without colliding and within the restricted area
  • With another whistle the game kicks on, the players keep on dribbling and once a ball is kicked out of the penalty box.
  • The player now leaves the penalty area until the next game
  • This process continues until one player is left

These are some of the super cool and effective soccer training drills that can mold you as an amazing soccer player. We suggest these soccer drills for adults all around. 

Have the inner aspiration to be a skillful and successful soccer player? Then mere practice and dribbling won’t make you one. To be an amazing soccer player wonder the field practicing few perfect soccer drills.

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