1. Hiking Fleece 

Made from recycled polyester, this eco-designed fleece can serve as your go-to jacket as the winter chill starts to fill the air. Perfect for occasional mountain walking, this fleece is your companion for all your upcoming trips. It's lightweight and comes with a compact design making it easy to travel around with

Buy the Men's Hiking Fleece MH 100 - Rs 499
Buy the Women’s Hiking Fleece MH120 - Rs 799

  1. Swimming goggles 

Swimming goggles are an essential part of your swimming gear as goggles help you see clearly underwater and prevent materials from entering your eyes. And don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune. You're in luck because we've just had a price drop for our Xbase L clear lenses. They fit all faces with their patented adjustable nose bridge and simple strap adjustment for a good watertight seal.

Buy Swimming Goggles: Xbase L Clear Lenses - Rs 299

  1. Walking Shoes : 

Quick slip-on and comfortable walking shoes are a must-have. They are lightweight and breathable, perfect for wearing throughout the day in fine weather. 

Buy 140 Mesh Men's Urban Walking Shoes - Rs 999
Buy 140 Mesh Women's Urban Walking Shoes - Rs 999

  1. Smartphone Running Armband

Many of us run with our phones—whether for mapping, listening to podcasts and music, or for safety reasons—but who wants to think about their phone while running? A good armband helps you run hassle-free and protects your phone from sweat, dust, or even from falling and breaking. 

Buy Smartphone Running Armband -  Rs 599

  1. Ab Wheel

‍An Ab Wheel Set makes your workout super convenient. It can be taken anywhere so that you can work all your ab muscles at any time.  One of the best ways to prevent a decline in overall fitness is to build a strong core. This can be accomplished with the help of an ab wheel that allow you to work out your abs or obliques on your knees or your toes, in stable or unstable modes. You'll continue to find this abs wheel useful as your fitness level increases.

Buy the Domyos Ab Wheel - Rs 799

  1. Cricket Bat

Want to enjoy a game of cricket without having to worry too much about investing in equipment? The T500 Sr Power Bat for adults is a powerful cricket bat for you to hit the ball far in large, open grounds. Thanks to a low profile, large spine design with minimal wood removal, you can generate more power from your shots with this poplar wood bat ideal for soft and medium tennis ball usage.

Buy the T 500 Adult Tennis Ball Cricket Bat - Rs 899

  1. Yoga Mat

You don't need to invest a lot to get started with Yoga. The basic qualities of a yoga mat are that it should be comfortable and supportive, provide sufficient grip to keep you from slipping and be no-fuss enough to clean and carry. Our new in-range gentle yoga mat of 6mm is the perfect choice to get started. 

Buy the Gentle Yoga Mat 6mm - Rs 899

  1. Bike Multitool

Every cyclist needs a good multi-function bike tool for making adjustments and repairs to their bike when out on rides. Our 100 Bike Multitool offers 6 tools in 1: 4 Allen keys (3/4/5/6 mm), 1 Phillips & 1 flat screwdriver.  The tool is compact and very light to easily carry on all your rides without it taking up too much space. 

Buy the 100 Bike Multitool - Rs 299

  1. Electronic Massager

The benefits of a massage after exercise include preventing delayed onset muscle soreness, decreasing pain, and improving recovery

Designed for self-massaging after sports, our electronic massager provides a pressure massage using the hand that is aided by the vibrations.The massage tool can be used on many body areas: legs, arms, pectorals, neck... The manual massage is reinforced by vibrations.

Buy Vibrating electronic Massage Tool - Rs 699

  1. Dartboard

Darts is a very social game but also has benefits for your health and mind.   Buy a dartboard for your house at a minimal price and enjoy a game every time you have friends or family over.  

Buy the Dartboard Plastip - Rs 999

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