The undeniable environment of COVID may be to blame but in case you didn't notice, Mother's day is here! You have a few more hours to organize something nice for your mummy. You can always resort to home-made cards or a home-cooked meal but we think could something different keeping her health and well-being in mind could actually be a great idea! Let's get mum to join you on doing some activities.

We've rounded up some last-minute ideas. Even if your gift doesn't arrive on time, we're willing to bet that Mom will understand.


Yes, she needs a break or rather a breather! It could be really fun to change into something sporty (because not many opportunities to dress up these days) and do an online workout together. For those who are wondering that sports gear does not equal to dress up, it does for us!
The more important thing is it would be a great bonding session and your mum would experience something completely different amidst the monotony of a pandemic. If you don't live with you mum, just send her the link and join yourself.

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2. A Yoga Mat

Because she really needs it. She might not know it yet but every mum needs a yoga mat! Being a mom is a demanding job and a yoga mat is a best friend during precious "me time" to stretch out of all the stress and the chores and just in general, life.

3. Kettlebell

Nobody lifts better than a mom. After lifting babies for months, they've pretty much become a pro at it. Also a Kettlebell is a nice-size accessory that can be used to quickly train and stay fit whenever she has the time.All the ultimate time-saving workouts can be done with a Kettlebell.

4. Badminton Racket

We've all played a game of badminton with our families in the evening laying it out in the garden or just our apartment space. Maybe it's time for mum to have her own new shiny racket instead of always having to borrow yours or use use the ones you aren't using. If you're not the badminton playing family type then you could definitely give it a thought and utilise this pandemic to actually create a new family ritual.

5. Walking Shoes

Even if it's once a day, mum needs to get out of the house for some fresh air (only considering you have a walking area in your garden or apartment). Maybe a nice pair of comfortable walking shoes will urge her to try it out and add some fitness walks into her routine. 

6. Bath Towel

All mums love fuzzy bath towels and we're sure your mum isn't an exception. The cool thing here is that once the Pandemic is over you could actually take her to the pool to show off her new colourful towel

7. Gym Ball

This is quite a favourite among a lot of women. While a gym ball can be used for mum's different Pilates or stretch workouts, she can also use it as a chair while working from home or even otherwise. It's fantastic for her spine and we promise she'll spend the first 10 minutes getting absolutely amused with this ball of fun.

8. Rainjacket

If you get your mum a rainjacket, she will  appreciate your sense of preparedness because the rains are coming and we all know that. This year she can ditch the umbrella and walk around with a convenient, practical and colourful rainjacket. All mum's love things that are conveninet and practical, cannot disagree on this.

9. Sport Bra 

This is probably the most essential item that most mums tend to miss out on. Whether she's going for jog or just a few stretches at home, the sports bra makes a whole world of a difference to her practice. You'd honestly be doing her a favour if you got this for her. 

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10. E-Gift Voucher

If it seems a tad bit difficult now to go out and get your mum the perfect gift and deliveries are taking too long, then just get her a e-gift voucher and let her pick what sports she'd like to play. (Also much less hassle for you) 

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