With Dussehra and Diwali already in full swing and the Christmas shopping season heating up, it's time to get your holiday gift shopping done.

While some friends and family are easy to shop for, others are a bit of a tough crowd. It's a great time to give the gift of good health to your loved ones. With no social gatherings, no health clubs, no swimming pools, no community participation, and no sporting activities, in such times, you can choose to select practical and useful gifts that will keep everyone moving and enjoy good health through the festivities.

So if you need a little help with your shopping list, here's our ever-so-wise list of the top 10 gifts for ensuring a healthy and fun holiday season for your friends, families, and colleagues.

  1. Mtb Bike : 

As lockdown limitations are lifting, it's the perfect time to gift a bike. A lot of people want to avoid public transportation right now to run errands or even to commute to work. And most importantly, having stayed indoors for a while now, a gift of freedom, nature trails, and unpaved paths cannot be compared to. Go for an Mtb bike because unlike road bike tyres, mountain bike tyres are flexible so that they can adapt to bumps and different types of terrain. 

Try Model : ROCKRIDER ST 20 Low frame
Price : ₹ 6,999

  1. The Roll Net : 

Priced under a grand, this is the most fun gift you can pick out for any of your friends or siblings. The roll-net can transform any table (including the dining table) into a table tennis table.  Whether someone wants to take a quick break from work or the kids at home are organising a table tennis tournament at the family reunion, this little product can be very handy to enjoy a game of table tennis.

Try Model : Small Table Tennis Net Rollnet
Price: ₹ 699

  1. ONear 500 wireless Bluetooth earphones :

Have cousins that love gadgets? How to plan the perfect gift which is both what they love and yet actually reduces their screen time and encourages activity? The special thing about the ONear Bluetooth headphones is that they have over ear cable and wing tips. They also resist rain and perspiration and are designed for comfort and stability when running with music. This new pair of sports earphones will inspire anyone to go out for a quick run or a little jog to try them out.

Try Model : ONear 500 wireless Bluetooth earphones
Price : ₹ 1,999

  1. Backpacks : 

Whether your friends need a bag to transport workout clothes, pack travel essentials during hiking or backpacking or just use it at the office, a backpack will always come handy and serve as a very purposeful gift. 

Try Model : Kipsta 25L Backpack Essential, Hiking Bag 20 Litre (with Raincover)
Price : ₹ 699, ₹ 1,499

  1. Fitness Equipment : 

Fitness equipment like Ellipticals, Treadmills, or even Exercise Bikes as gifts are well-timed and arguably the best given today's context. With most gyms closed and people hesitating to visit public places what better idea than to gift your cousin who is stuck in a 9-6 job or your aunt who stays at home all day or even your brother who is missing out on his gym classes, the ability to workout conveniently from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Try Models : 500 Self-Powered Exercise Bike,T900C Treadmill
Price : ₹ 27,999, ₹ 62,999

  1. Walking shoes

If you're thinking of going shopping for mum and day, a nice and comfortable pair of walking shoes is the best idea. At their age, if they're spending a lot of time indoors without much activity, with this brand new pair of shoes you can encourage them to step outside of a 30 minute evening or morning walk. And the best thing is that they can do this activity together. Heck, get it for your aunts and uncles as well so that they can look forward to a great time walking and socializing together.

Try Models : PW 100 Men's Fitness Walking Shoes - Grey, Women's Fitness Walking Shoes PW 500 - pink
Price : ₹ 599, ₹ 1,999

  1. Sports Watches

A smartwatch can be a perfect fitness companion, with heart rate and activity tracking, built-in GPS, and more, give your tech-savvy friends all the tools they need to attain their goals for whatever type of training they're doing: time intervals, distance, pyramid, at the targeted zone, etc. Can also enjoy pre-recorded training sessions. 

Try Models : KIPRUN W500 M men's running stopwatch, W200 S running watch timer black
Price : ₹ 1,299 , ₹ 999

  1. The Perfect Running Kit

Any perfect running kit comprises most importantly of running shoes, a nice quick-dry t-shirt, ventilated socks, and of course a pair of comfortable shorts. Apart from the basics, you could throw in a running cap, a fluorescent gilet, and a waterproof smartphone pouch to complete the kit. And with that, you can inspire any family member or friend to take up running as a sport seriously.

Note: Since you're building a kit, don't forget to match all the products with similar colour families.

Price : ₹ 1,999, ₹ 1,299

  1. Dart-set

Let's not forget our friends who prefer indoor games over going out and doing an activity. A good break during work or fun during evening coffee with colleagues that also builds focus and precision skills, what better than a dart-set.

Try Model : Plastip Dartboard
Price : ₹ 999

  1. E-Gift Voucher
If it seems a tad bit difficult now to go out and get your family the perfect gift and deliveries are taking too long, then just get  e-gift voucher and let them pick what sports they'd like to play. (Also much less hassle for you)

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