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3 ways to Smash in Badminton

Badminton Smash is the most potent of all badminton shots. There is almost no defense against a well-executed smash. Here is how to get better at smash.

If you are really a keen and passionate badminton player, you might know that its far more than just hitting the shuttlecock back and forth the net. Apart from all the rules and laws, there is a super cool technique to win any badminton game, badminton smash. Add the power and brutality into your play and smash it off to the win.

There are mainly five main shots in a badminton play. A serves, smashes, clears, drive and drops. A badminton smash techniques is the most potent and powerful shot of the game. Mere, serve or hits are not going to take you any way, rather than boosting your health. Played both from forehand and back and side, there is hardly any defense for badminton smash technique.

So, how to hit a smash in badminton?

You have to jump up into the air and smash the shuttle cock hardly, keeping in mind the angle and the landing position, which is meant to be inside the court. The smash should be shot direct, with full pace downward to your opponent’s court. Better done when the cock is high up in the air, so that the player can hit it harder and with the right angle downwards. It hard to defense because of its pace and downward angle. A brilliant strategy to make the shot, a super hard and a pain for your opponent is to aim it right towards his/her upper torso, leaving him in the pain to catch his senses.

To add on to your success few badminton smash tips are here for your help.

1. You have to extend your arm in midair to reach the shot, while so, make sure you utilize your thumb, shoulder and wrist completely.

2. Take a long deep breath while smashing it, and release your whole stress midair while hitting it. This gives you more power and energy. Hit the cock when it is in the highest angle for a smooth and deep downward landing.

3. You should move faster towards the shuttlecock to get the shot on fire, in professional badminton term they call it, ‘injection of pace’.

Largely there are three ways of executing a badminton smash technique, Forehand, Backhand and Jumping smash. To fire in here are three ways on how to smash in badminton step by step for beginners.

3 ways to Smash in Badminton
May 21, 2019

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