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3 Basic Swimming Equipment for Beginners


The swimming pool can be a daunting place for beginner swimmers. Swimming equipments can be used in the pool to make swimming more pleasurable or easy.So, in this episode of swimming training, Nisha gives a full rundown of swimming equipment you will need to dominate the pool.


Swimming looks like a cheap sport and when performed with the bare minimum swimming equipment, it totally is. Here’s the essential swimming equipment list you need according to Nisha to crush some laps in style and with speed:

A nice swimsuit is definitely required to begin swimming. Nisha provides us a few ideas for buying the right swimsuit—a swimming equipment you must buy that will not only preserve your dignity but also help you swim better. Apart from keeping your hair out of your face while swimming, swimming caps protect you from the corrosive effects of chemicals. As a result, Nisha advises newbies to purchase a swimming cap as it is basic swimming equipment swimming equipment for beginners.

Going against the argument of old-school purists who are of the view that they need no goggles, Nisha recommends buying goggles as it is must-have swimming equipment for beginners. Goggle is one of the most efficient swimming equipment that protects our sensitive eyes from chlorine in swimming pools.

There is a lot of additional gear available, but as a beginner, you will go a long way with the swimming equipment list discussed in the swimming tutorial above.

Hope the swimming training by Nisha Millet is helping you become a better swimmer. Head to the comment section and let us know your views on the swimming lessons.

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Nisha Millet

2000 Olympian and Arjuna Awardee. Participated at World Championships and Asian Games & have won more than 600 gold medals at State,National & International meets.national Champion for 10 years.


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