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Smriti Singh



"I have always heard I’m too young to be traveling alone and too old to be unmarried (Sad, but age decides your life according to this society). Many people will tell you how brave you are but will feel pity that you chose your passion over getting married and settling down— which I don’t. I feel both can be combined, but it clearly doesn’t seem to be the most acceptable idea in our society. I always get to hear things like ‘What kind of profession is this, who would marry you?’ ‘Don’t you want a family of your own?’ ‘You’ll land up alone’, ‘This is not a respectable field of work’, etc etc."

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Smriti Singh on Backpacking for Women Travellers

In these years that I’ve traveled alone, I’ve dared to do more things than when I was with other people

Smriti Singh
May 20, 2019
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