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Kanika Nagia

Country Sport Leader - Diving and Snorkelling ( Subea )
Swimming, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling

Advanced Scuba Diving Certification Thailand


When my Grandfather gifted me my first globe on my 8th birthday, all I ever dreamt of doing was to go to every place in the world that he had been to- Egypt, Jeruselum, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Israel, the middle east – literally everywhere! Cover every inch of the 30% of this big, huge globe. Years have passed and I haven’t been to any of those places. I kind of got distracted by the rest of the 70% of this BIG, HUGE GLOBE. The blue, the serene, the ever mysterious Ocean.

Written by Author
Kanika Nagia - Start of Something Beautiful

It is very hard to remember when I first fell in love with the water. Literally and figuratively.

Kanika Nagia
May 20, 2019
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