Without Nordic walking poles, there is no Nordic walking.

Here are 2 points that tell you everything you need to know!

1. Nordic Walking Poles Help Your Muscles to Develop Effectively

As you know, Nordic walking promises you plenty of benefits. This sport is generally practised to help you to feel in better shape, improve well-being and improve physical health.  

Nordic walking poles have a special focus for this: they make the upper-body muscles work more effectively. By propelling yourself forward with the help of Nordic walking poles, you make your arm, shoulder and back muscles work harder.  

Erik, a new arrival at Newfeel in 2015, tells us about the real benefits :

"Since I’ve been doing Nordic walking, I’ve noticed all of the benefits of this sport: I don’t have back pain any more, it’s loosened me up. Poles build muscles, that’s for sure. They also help to maintain a more upright posture and give my sessions rhythm." - Erik  

Working the arms like this, emphasised by using poles, also emphasises the natural swing of the arms and helps you to get a slimmer figure more quickly. You should also know that Nordic walking poles put the cardiovascular system to work more extensively.

Nordic walking poles

2. Nordic Walking Poles, To Get You Moving Without Risk

The arms and chest help to maintain your body’s balance whilst you're walking. By walking with Nordic walking poles, your posture is maintained better. But that’s not all: this better balance has an impact on your joints, particularly when you are doing Nordic walking on hilly terrain.

"The advantage of walking sports is that they allow you to stay active without incurring stress, particularly to knee and hip joints. Nordic walking poles even provide further protection for this part of the body" - Dr. Patrick Bacquaert, IRBMS.  

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you're a beginner, start off gently and learn how to correctly use Nordic walking poles.  

So, using Nordic walking poles means protecting your joints and toning up better, provided that they are perfectly adjusted to your size!


Nordic walking poles


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