1. The surf club, a perfect place to learn the safety rules

Many surf coaches begin their surfing classes with a reminder of surfing safety rules. They are trained both to teach you how to surf safely and to keep the group safe.

safety rules
  1. Manage your own safety and that of other surfers

The instructor who works in your surf club will teach you the official rules, but also about the etiquette and attitudes of surfing, things which are much harder to learn by yourself... Among other things, you will learn the all-important rules of priority in surfing.

Surf culture is much more complex than it seems. Surfing is no longer the carefree discipline it used to be. Some of the older generation of surfers have experienced that awesome era when wave riding and a friendly spirit reigned together.

  1. Learn about the Ocean

The instructor will teach you to identify the dangerous zones in the water, as well as the currents, and how to identify the peak in order to circumnavigate it.

In short, you can develop your awareness of the ocean. You can read all our surfing tips, all the blogs or forums you want... but ocean awareness is acquired and practised in the field.

  1. Find the surf spots for your ability according to the conditions

With your surf club, you will head to the spots most likely to offer the waves that are best suited to yours and your group’s ability level.

You will be able to develop a good knowledge of how the different spots in your area handle the ever-changing swells and winds. You will know where to go depending on the conditions, after you learn to read the forecast.

Find the surf spots
  1. Join a surf club to improve quickly

Once they progress past the beginner level, some surfers feel completely independent and do not feel the need to continue taking lessons. Wrong idea!

In a surf club, there are groups of different ability levels. When you register, you will be asked for your skill level so that you can join a group adapted to your needs. Levels are generally classified in the following order: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Some clubs also have a youth competition section, where the future surfers of tomorrow can learn and develop their talents.

Join a surf club to improve quickly
  1. I'm a beginner surfer, why take surf lessons?

As well as all the reasons we’ve already given? Well….

The instructors of your club are trained both to teach you the basics of surf, but also to keep you safe during your sessions.

The teachers will also be as close to you as possible, they will observe you and after each wave they will identify the areas in which you can improve. At the very beginning, they will push you from time to time into the waves to allow you to feel the fun of gliding with the waves.

Your instructors will give you practical advice and tips, tailored to your ability, to keep you progressing and learning fast.

Taking lessons is undeniably the fastest way to progress in surfing.

  1. I'm an intermediate surfer, why take surf lessons?

As well as all the reasons we’ve already given? Well….

A trained instructor can help you to become aware of all the areas of surfing (big and small) that can be improved on, and give you practical advice… it’s hard to diagnose the weakest parts of your surfing yourself - as you are generally focussed on your wave!

 intermediate surfer,
  1. I'm an advanced surfer, why take surf lessons?

Without repeating myself for the third time (ah well, that's exactly what I'm doing): as well as all the reasons we’ve already given? Well….

Your surf instructor can combine their theoretical knowledge of surfing and their trained eye, as they watch you through all aspects of your surfing, to give you the best advice to keep improving. Precise theoretical knowledge will allow you to improve your manoeuvres, in terms of placement, power or style.

advanced surfer
  1. A Surf club for sharing

Weekly classes are an opportunity for groups to get together around this common passion and build bonds of friendship. You'll never go surfing alone again.

  1. Surf club and localism

Localism is an intrinsic part of surfing. Surf schools are a great way to integrate into a local surf community. If you take classes all year round, the club is usually the home of the locals.

The more they see you, the less they'll be able to pull out their "I've never seen you here" argument.


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