Don't worry, you can, of course, put on your best friend's pink bunny costume (for the lucky ones), bring it with a basket filled with candies and sweets, and walk the streets of the city centre. But still, after a while, after taking a lot of photos and videos of the future bride and groom, there's always an opportunity to make the party a little more interesting.

1. Bachelorettes - A Factory of Memories

Be aware that stag or hen parties can also be an opportunity to have a good time together. What I propose is to play sports when the time comes. The advantage is that there is something for everyone and every budget! Some structures, specializing in events and especially in this one, offer sports activities that go off the beaten track, like rafting, giant paddle, snowmobile or paragliding. Often, the thrills are at the rendezvous! The opportunity to share unforgettable experiences with friends or friends to make a nice memory and to discuss it again a million times thereafter.

2. More Budget

If your budget or schedule does not allow you to indulge in these activities that are out of the ordinary, many practices can be quite suitable. A team sport, football, basketball, volleyball, handball ... can quite lend itself to the occasion.

Designate a referee, create your own rules and set up a system of pledges for the losers. And if you want to take out your outfit of Lady Gaga or Batman, nothing prevents you from running disguised and make theme teams.

3. Hiking and Other Fun Activities

And then, as a group, you can also discover new horizons. On foot, by mountain bike, on horseback ... Why not opt ​​for a hike? Especially since it is always possible, as a treasure hunt, punctuate tasting stages, lively discussions or pledges for the bride or groom. And if you want to reconcile sports and urban festivities, why not a marathon with a folding bike or a scooter? With one principle in mind, even if you do not take the car: moderate your consumption of alcohol, pay attention to other users of the public road, and yourself.

4. More Ideas: Sway Together

And then, to bury your life in singlehood, it is perhaps also the opportunity to learn new sports: capoeira, Zumba, cross training etc. As a group, it is always more fun to indulge in the joys of an unknown practice. And then, it will warm you up if you intend to finish on the dance floor!

And how did you say goodbye to your single life? Have you ever thought of offering sports activities as an organizer? We are waiting for your reactions!



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