“I was near a valley, surrounded by meadows and lush greenery post Monsoon. I remember being happy there, Listening to the morning birds and to the brisk breeze, How it felt even for a moment when I am with nature. I remember my mind at peace and solitude” 

I was lost in my thoughts while working from home, I realized how long it has been since I last traveled. Within a minute I was searching for places I could go to near my city. And this blog is a journey where I have explored every possible place I could near Mumbai!

I couldn't believe the places google showed me in Mumbai. I realised Mumbai has almost 9-10 lakes and countless number of hikes to explore. 
  1. Lohape Talao ( Vajeshwari, Maharashtra)

My first destination was a two hours ride from Mumbai to Vajeshwari, Maharashtra. Lohape Talao is a lake near Vasai. I was going after almost 5-6 months but it still felt like I can be lost around the wilderness of nature. As you start your journey you can experience the view changing from city to forest. It is perfect if you want to spend your weekend over there, you can even camp beside the beautiful lake which is surrounded by Sahyadari hills. 

  1. Tiger hill 

 If you like to hike while you're going out, then this hill is your destination. You can easily reach tiger hill from Thane which is around 1-2 km far from the city. There are numerous hikes and the hill top view of Thane city. But not only the hikes you can also expect beautiful streams and waterfalls in between. When we reached the top it was breathtaking and a phenomenal view of Thane city along with the sahyadri ranges. I have been here more than once and everytime we go, we decide to climb different mountains. We climbed Mundi last time which is called as the highest hill in the area. 

  1. Naneghat

Monsoon is the best time to visit this place. You would have a better chance of good views and nature is at its best in Monsoon in Sahyadri.The most interesting fact about the place is that there is a reverse waterfall over there. 

Naneghat is a surreal Mountain situated at the east of Mumbai , you can easily reach there within 4-5 hrs of ride. While you are driving to Naneghat do not forget to take a break in junnar, click some pictures for your journey back. The long drive to ghat sure proves the quote “ Safar suhana hai manzil se bhi ” .

After finally taking several breaks we reached Naneghat and from there we had to hike till the waterfall. The trail is really beautiful covered with rock and the weather keeps on changing throughout the hike. Also be aware of the patches, one of us had seen a snake over there. So you got a weekend break? Pack your bags and go to Naneghat from trails to night camp Naneghat have got you all covered. 

Thankfully there are many places I can go to near Mumbai that are safe to visit after lockdown, so my journey doesn’t end here. Check some more places I found out while doing some research, I am traveling all of these by the end of Monsoon! Are you? 

  1. Lonavla 

Ready for some mountain time? Then this is the place where you can go. Lonavala is a famous hill station near Mumbai and Pune, it's scenic all the time but during Monsoon it is no less from heaven. Visiting Ekvira temple, Lake and the Karla caves are a must while in Lonavala.

  1. Shendi 

This is a village near Mumbai to Nashik, blessed by the river ganga. Shendi stays clean, peaceful and green in the monsoon season. The place will surprise you with views of waterfalls and lakes. 

  1. Mulsi 

Mulsi is a 3 hrs ride from the city. It is magical in monsoon because of Mulsi dam nearby. If you are someone who likes to spend time in Resorts while enjoying the sight of nature then you gotta go to Mulsi. 

  1. Karnala 

Karnala is located near Panvel which is famous for karnala bird sanctuary, you can enjoy the pleasure of bird watching there. The place also offers hiking in Karnala fort. Located only 50kms from Mumbai it is ideal to visit during Monsoon and winters here. 

  1. Matheran 

Ever heard of kolhapuri chappals? Here they come from. It is not only famous for the chappals and chikkis but it is also a favourable place for family outings. You will have most of your time in the valleys and driving uphill from the Private Taxis. The place is a great spot for picnics and long hikes to peb fort and other local hikes. I have been to Matheran before but now I am planning to hike one more hill around here. 

That was all I had in my mind, I hope while you are reading this you have already started packing your bags for the weekend. Also don’t forget to carry your masks and sanitizers. 

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