While on a trek, your equipment is your lifeline, your best friend. Of all the things in the world, I never compromise on my trekking equipment and handpick every item after thorough research. This not only ensures that I have the best of everything but also makes me have a sense of belonging towards them. 

One thing I love in particular is my trek 100 jacket. They come in multiple colours and I have almost all of them in my wardrobe. Let me make this more specific.

Here are the reasons I prefer the trek 100 padded jacket over anything else in the range :

    1.Compact design.

The best part about this jacket is that it folds away into its left-hand pocket using a zip with the double puller. This helps me while packing my rucksack since the jacket takes minimal space. And it is really handy if you are on a trek where the temperature keeps on moderating. 

    2. Warm and light 

This jacket breaks the myth that the heavier the jacket, the warmer it is. This jacket works at temperatures as low as (-)5 and weighs only 400gs approx. I mean, 400g is literally negligible. 

    3. Eco friendly 

This is very important to me. We go on treks to get closer to nature, to experience the raw beauty that our incredible planet has to offer. That privilege also makes us responsible to preserve our nature. The wadding in the jacket is made up of 25% recycled polyester and the inner lining is grey which while making, produces 40% less Co2 emissions and almost 66% less fine particle emission and 74% eutrophication of freshwater - 68% eutrophication of seawater.  A jacket that is eco friendly - How cool is that. 

4. Water repellent 

Since this jacket is water repellent, it prevents water from seeping in and therefore keeps you dry. This is extremely useful especially when it is snowing. All you got to do is shrug off the snow without worrying about your jacket getting wet. 

5. Insulation 

This is one of the most impressive functions of this jacket. Since the wadding is made up of silicone-coated spiral fibers, it is highly compressible and durable. That is why despite its low thickness, the jacket remains warm. 

These were 5  very strong reasons I personally picked this jacket for my adventures. With a two year warranty and multiple colors to choose from, I can't be more satisfied with it. 
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