Health is important throughout one’s entire life but focusing on physical health through activity in the younger years is crucial. Running is an everyday and routine type of exercise that comes with many benefits.

  1. A Simple Sport

One heart, two lungs and a pair of legs: no cheating or hiding! Running is an everyday and routine type of exercise. It's a sport that teaches method, regularity and better self-knowledge.

For young athletes wanting to shine in other disciplines (team or individual), running is a springboard for increasing endurance and tenacity.

For those wanting a career spread over several decades, running offers an unlimited calendar of races. From several marathons, to city races or even on trails, several competitions are organised each year in India alone. You can therefore constantly change your playground and travel to different terrains with just your legs…

  1. A Passport to Health

It is however necessary to match exercise to suit growth – for those who are not yet fully grown. Long distances are not recommended (and even forbidden in competition) for young athletes.

passport to health
  1. Anything but an Individual Sport

Playing football, basketball or rugby to make friends is all very well. But the misconception of running being a solitary activity must be dispelled. Running, a team sport? Why not?!

  1. A Sport for Life

Whatever the discipline, running imposes a calm yet active relationship with time. Planet Earth as a playground: the life of a runner is moulded around all of the places they visit over the years.

Whether on tarmacked roads or country paths, learning the tricks of running is a lifetime's work. And if you make the same mistakes (or blunders) a few times, all the better for finding the right way… 


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