What's the point of a vacation if there aren't any fun watersports involved, right? And covid-19 has definitely paused these fun activities for all of us! Now that the world is opening up and healing from the virus, we can definitely gear up for some fun water sports activities! 

Get your notes ready as I'm about to mention some really exciting and adrenaline rushing watersports activities you MUST try in your next vacation!

1. Waterskiing

The accomplishment and exhilaration one feels after waterskiing is incomparable! Waterskiing is basically when an individual is being pulled behind a boat over a body of water. It can be done using one or two skis. It's a very simple sport in which you have to keep your knees tucked against your chest using either one or two skis. The more you try to extend your knees the harder it is to get up, being in a crouch position is key in helping one to pop out of the water. It's not just a recreational activity but involves a full body workout as you have to maintain a balance by gripping the tow rope and keeping your legs underneath you. Best of both worlds isn't it!

2. Wake-boarding

Ever heard of snowboarding? Well wakeboarding is the same. Only difference is, it involves the water instead of the snow.It involves a broader standing on a wakeboard, and the rider is towed with the help of a motor board. Unlike water skiing it's easier to stand up straight and perform various aerial maneuvers on a wakeboard. The hallmark of this sport is performing acts midair!

3. Knee Boarding

This is the easiest water sport activity to start with. As the name implies it involves resting your knees on a teardrop shaped board. There's a strap tied around your thighs to keep you more secure. Just like wakeboarding and waterskiing the rope is tied to a motor boat. Feeling adventurous? Try a 360-degree turn on it! It's the most accessible and fun activity to try out.

4. Parasailing

Parasailing is an experience you must try at least  once in your lifetime!

You are seated in a small vessel strapped to a powerful boat once it takes off you're up in the air soaring through hundreds of feet above the water. The boat would seem like a tiny grain of rice. And the landing would be just as pleasant as the take off. It's an exhilarating and powerful experience you definitely need to get your hands on.

5. Surfing

Surfing is another watersport you need to add to your list! It's a sport that has been around for years, if you're planning to hit the ocean do tag your surfboard along with you and paddle your way to the waves and start surfing! It's an exciting activity which never gets old and something you can try with your family or friends.

6. Body Surfing

Body surfing is the best sport if you don't want to make any investment in getting a surfboard. You literally just use your own body as a surfboard. Catching the right wave takes the most effort but using your body to surf is the most satisfying experience.

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7. Bodyboarding

Bodyboarding is similar to surfing but instead of standing on the surfboard, you use a foam board also known as a boogie board. It's best for those who don't want to surf, or when the waves aren't that significant.

8. Sailing

Sailing is the best watersport for the adventurous! It works on a lot of aero and hydrodynamics. Once you get the gist of it you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment and admiration towards this sport. And you don't need to be 'Richie rich' to afford an expensive boat. It can be a small boat which has the features. And these days renting is the new way of living!

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9. Snorkeling

The ocean is a whole another world we haven't seen, snorkeling is an amazing experience and probably the most memorable activity you can participate by yourself or with your loved ones! Equipped with diving masks, swim fins, breathing tubes you get to explore the world of coral reefs, species of fishes and so many other beings! It would be an experience you would likely never forget!

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10. Jet Skiing

The thrill of riding the waves in your jet ski is on a whole another level. It's probably one of the most thrilling watersports out there. Depending in which region you are in, you would have to look into the licensing required. But once that's dealt with you would have an unforgettable experience.

11. Waterboard Rafting

It's one of the best water sports you can try out with your friends or your family. It's a recreational water sport activity which uses an inflatable raft to navigate through strong currents of water. It brings people together and provides a great way to bond and coordinate with your fellow mates. 

12. Scuba Diving

You do need a license and a certificate to scuba dive but once you gain it you get an endless experience to explore the deeper parts of the ocean. Scuba diving feels like diving into another planet. Which isn't surprising as there are very few people who have explored the deeper parts of the ocean. There's so much of the ocean that is yet unexplored.

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13. Pool Games

There are a variety of fun pool games you can explore with your friends and families.

The list is endless!

14. Canoeing and kayaking

If you're out on the riverside, you should definitely go canoeing and kayaking. You get to explore a lot and the peace of mind it brings, is something you would want endlessly. Go rent or buy a canoe or a kayak and paddle around the river to find yourself in a euphoria.

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15. Kiteboarding

Wakeboarding and kiteboarding have often been confused with but both are fundamentally different. Unlike wakeboarding you're attached to a kite and can manipulate your directions using the kite. Your feet would be attached to a wakeboard, and you would be holding on to a tow bar to navigate the kite. It's a very unique experience one must definitely try in their lifetime. These were the top 15 watersports I feel one must definitely try the next time you go on a vacation.

Which ones have you tried so far, or are planning to?

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