My gratitude and thanks to all empowered women reading the blog and the men who support them in their decisions.

Trekking in India has undergone vast changes over the past few years. While men continue to further their expeditions toward exploring and experiencing different treks and outdoor adventures, women have also taken trekking to a whole new different level. Still, 6 out of 10 women hesitate to travel by themselves. The stigma and myth around safety being a concern is still around with people thinking that it's not safe for girls or women to go on a trek solo or I would say even in a group.

I have been trekking with groups full of strangers and have made great friends out of these strangers. I think it's completely safe for women to head out and go solo and here's why;

1. Trained Trekking Guides/Leaders

Before booking a trek with any group, do your research. Read reviews about the agency and what safety measures they take. You'll have 100% trained trekking leaders and staff who will help you out in any situation, be it peeing between a trek or taking precautions for your health. In my recent trek to Kedarkantha, I became very good friends with one of the trek leaders.  It is really fun to hear about the different mountain stories shared by them. If you're a passionate trekker you can acquire a lot from them.

2. The Mountain Staff Will Always Have Your Back.

In the year 2017, I did my 3rd trek to Beas Glacier, which is a very short trek yet a tricky one. I met this very sweet cook named "Raju"  who had us all entertained while cooking meals for us. He always had our back, from keeping a check on our food to how we're doing, etc. If you are going with a group they'll have everything arranged for you to keep you safe and well.  The staff even divides tent very appropriately among female trekkers.

3. Fellow Trekkers

"I went solo, and I came back with 8 new friends" This is a common phrase which I'm sure every Trekker can relate to. Trust me ladies, the kind of friends you'll make in a trek are priceless. Just indulge in, meet new people, and create priceless memories. According to me, people who go for treks are very intellectual and free of judgment. They go to witness the true beauty of nature and you may find like-minded people over there who will make it easier for you to challenge yourself more.

4. Empowered Women are the Happiest

As I write this, I remember a moment when I did the Brahmatal trek, Uttrakhand. I was so scared because we had to start the trek in the morning and the base camp was LohaJung, a really quiet village. I went in with fellow trekkers. As we started the trek, we met a few locals who helped us with the route and where we can find breakfast. I realized that it is you and me who have created a perspective of society. One will only get to know when they step outside and actually explore the possibilities.

Go ahead with your pending trekking plans which you have been anticipating for years now, challenge yourself, explore a bit and then come back as a whole new woman who has a different perspective on society.

5. New Learnings and Challenges.

Once you start pushing yourself you'll see that there is so much to learn from a trek: you get to clear your mind, you'll meet new challenges every day in your trek ( physically, emotionally and mentally). 4-10 days can actually make you a thinker, will show you power of kindness and gratitude, will tell you to be always prepared,  will make you a good problem solver and at the end you'll realise it is all worth it.

Bonus tip : Always carry your Medical kit, spare Cash, some batteries and personal hygiene kit. As they say "Only those who dare, truly live" Why not try our chances today than any other day?

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