Once you reach your cruising speed, sport for two is nothing but fun! In addition to all the physical and mental benefits of sport, running, swimming or whacking a shuttlecock with your loved one is a great way of spending more time with them, sharing the same leisure activity, or even passion, and having a good chat about it when you get home. And disconnecting from the hassles of everyday life. The idea is to make sport a new playing field, where you can rediscover one another.

Here are a few tips and tricks...

1. “We Support One Another”

Mathilde and Benoît have been married for 7 years, and they enter horse-riding competitions on about 35 weekends per year.  “If only one of us went riding, then we wouldn’t see much of one another,” smiles Mathilde. “Riding together, for fun or in competitions, enables us to spend time together, while we both have very busy agendas. These moments become fond memories, and are an opportunity for us to support one another”, she continues. “And we talk a lot about it, we debrief. In a word, sport brings us closer together”, adds her husband.

2. Test, Then Talk      

Horse-riding, running, badminton, cross-training, paddle sports, and there are many more.Individual and team sports, plus a host of disciplines that are waiting to be discovered and then practised together.

It is important that one half of the couple does not make any concessions just to please the other half.
Claims psychotherapist, Bruno Dumait.

But with the broad diversity of sports on offer, you simply need to talk about it in advance to find the right sport. Communicate, try things out, talk about it, try again and check your agendas to organise regular sessions, which will bring a breath of fresh air into your life together.

3. Listening, Sharing and Complicity

And from time to time, you might have to adapt your rhythm. If you decide on a weekly run together, it is up to the faster runner to adapt.

The idea is to spend a moment sharing together. Away with selfishness and the desire to outdo others!

But if you have a competitive spirit and you perform at equivalent levels, then there’s nothing to stop you from challenging one another.

But don’t blame me for any broken plates, if one of you gets a hiding!


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