"I've always been intrigued by nature to pick up my cycle and go explore the mountains. Having grown up in Uttarakhand, I was introduced to cycling by my friends and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it. It was not uncommon for us to go visit Maldevta, Mussoorie, and more and I used to really enjoy it a lot. Seeing the flair with which I'd climb terrains, I was encouraged to take up sports professionally and join Decathlon where I could follow my passion for cycling and share it with others." 

"I joined Decathlon Sports India in 2019, my aim as the cycling sport leader was to help grow the cycling culture. I recognized that when people share the same passion, they get to indulge in it better and inspire their community more. This is when the community bug bit me and my purpose of sharing the passion for cycling strengthened by making a community at the same time.


"I started with solo rides and weekend rides with my teammates on my Riverside 900 and we were gradually joined by a few more cyclists for Sunday rides from the store. Gradually as rides became regular, people started flocking in and joining us for rides. Over time, we started riding to places like Dipor Bil, Chandubi lake, Pobitora, and more. Now, we have grown to over 200 active members in our Decathlon Guwahati Cycling Community on Facebook. And 260 on Strava."


"As I interacted with people more, my confidence grew as my advice helped people and they started recognizing me as a credible source to help them enjoy their cycling journey better. I was also going through quite a learning curve where I was meeting new people every day and talking about our passion."

"This year, I undertook a journey to ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a Triban RC500 bike. I came across many helpful soldiers and military posts along the way. I encountered landslides, dark roads, broken roads, and more. I still remember the aloo parantha I ate in Punjab more fondly than any other. My goal with this trip was to inspire people to take up a sporty lifestyle. My trip was cut short due to the pandemic, but one day I'll complete that and do a Chaar Dhaam Yatra on my bicycle."



"I feel very proud to work in Decathlon where I get to engage with people in a meaningful way, help them on their journey, inspire each other, and get healthier together. Cycling has given me so much, I want to keep giving back to this simple activity on two wheels which has the power to motivate, inspire and bring people together."

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