Did you know that at least 70% of Women fail to choose a perfect running bra or even a nearly perfect choice?

Well, that’s true. There is nothing called an all-in-one bra that works wonders for your cardio training or strength and conditioning simultaneously. Running is a High Impact Sport. While you choose running innerwear, say a Running Sports Bra, it is essential to ensure that it comes with greater support. 

Today, there are humongous options in the lingerie world, emphasizing the technicity of sports bra designed for a specific sport that is practiced. However, due to various reasons such as comfort, fit, color, and price differences, Women tend to compromise on opting for the right choice.

With one of such explorations, I happened to find a perfect sports bra designed exclusively for Running! 
Did I say perfect? Yes, it’s just the perfect one that comes with greater comfort and extremely good support for an affordable price.

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How do I define Perfection?

It all started with the head hunt of a breathable comfort bra because my sweat glands talk a lot. I got my hands on the comfort running sports bra in one of the Decathlon outlets in Bengaluru. Thanks to these folks, they have a trial option for sports bra too! Being habituated to wearing a T-shirt tank-style sports bra, this bra seemed very different as it had a back hook option. Looking at it, I lost 50% of my confidence in picking it anyway.

Since I was there, I thought of giving it a shot in trying it on. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed at all! Back hooks? Nah, It was as easy as wearing any conventional sports bra.

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Talking about the technical possessions it owns, 

#1 Great Bust support (super important if you are prone to sagging/excessive bounce during running) as it was fit as a fiddle. I did jump and run on the spot wearing it and guess what, it was brilliant! This Bra has two molded cups with good flexibility. And my favorite, the interior part of the cups comes with breathable mesh fabric covering the space under the chest and in between the breasts. (works great if you are prone to profuse sweating)

#2 Easy of Usage is comfortably good as the product is designed technically sound for optimal breast protection and comfort. Good thought on the fabric choice as it is made of dry-fit breathable material adding an edge for moisture management.

#3 No underwires and Yes Safety! This bra is free from underwires for both band and straps. This avoids compression of glands resulting in injuries otherwise. (At least 45% of women have a misconception of underwired bras being more supportive).

#4 Chafing reduction is another beauty of this comfortable bra as it does not hold any seams around the nipple region and thanks to the choice of body-friendly fabric again! (Planning for a long-distance with lesser injuries? - You go, girl!

 #5 The aesthetics of this sports bra or I would say a CROP TOP is another add-on for those women who would like to run with lesser fabric weight on the body (This way there won’t be any skin chafing or sore muscles especially during Marathons). The adjustable bra cups are designed to combine the advantages of a sports bra and a crop top with a racerback spreading even support throughout the back.

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#6 Cup size Adjustment is another option that we rarely see in any conventional sports bra. The adjustment system comprising of back and strap is a handy alternative for women with altering bust sizes. (How cool is it to use the same bra even after losing some amount of breast fat just by making a cup size adjustment?- Well a clear winner for me!)

#7 Size Choices for the ideal Indian market are thoughtfully given too! I prefer a band size of 34 with a C cup and alas, I have a Medium size bra with adjustable cup sizes of C and D. The 3-position back fastener provides enveloping with the adjustable straps. This gives a snug fit with a good combination of elastic materials. 

The only limitation about this sports bra is that it has sizes lasting only up to XL size. If you have a 2XL size, then this might not be your choice of hope!

Size Chart

(Quick tip: Running sports bras should be changed at least after 6 months to 1 year. The elasticity expectancy of the sports bra is ideal for this duration post which the comfort and support may not serve the purpose. So never cling to the same thing because it is Perfect!)

Women should understand the importance of wearing the right sports bra for their favorite sport practice. However, they should be more cautious in choosing the ‘right’ one! As a result, many issues like sore breasts, breast pain, and breast muscle fatigue can be avoided to a greater extent!

Stay fit! And do not compromise on Comfort for any reason!

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