The treadmill is a cardio-training device that is accessible to all. Losing weight, staying in shape, improving your endurance and improving your breathing rate... just a few of the benefits you can reap from regular training sessions on a treadmill. 

Depending on your aim and how often you train, discover our top 3 programmes to get back in shape, designed by Delphine, a fitness coach at the Domyos Club.

1. Running on a Treadmill: Which Programme will Slim You Down?

Women running on treadmill in her home

Here are 2 exercises if your aim is to slim down. Take it away!

If your aim is to slim down using a treadmill, you need to focus on sessions with a slow, continuous rhythm. You will be working out for a longer period of time at a low intensity to activate the lipolysis process. What is lipolysis? A simple name given to the process that transforms fat into energy to drive muscles. This mechanism activates after 30 to 40 minutes of activity. The caloric expenditure increases proportionately to the speed and distance covered.

  • 10 minutes: low intensity warm up.
  • 25 minutes: running session with constant speed.
  • 10 minutes: cool down with slower speed to slowly return your breathing back to normal.

To get the best results, we advise repeating this exercise 2 times per week and to follow a balanced diet.

If you already have a good level of running but not much time, an interval running training programme is perfect for you. This intensive workout method is based on alternating between faster and slower bursts. The aim is to work the body intensively over a short period of time. 15 to 30 minutes of interval training is enough to start burning fat and you continue to burn calories even after you stop your training session.

  • 4 minutes of rapid running followed by 2 minutes of slow running, repeated 4 times (total duration: 24 minutes).
  • 1 minute of rapid running followed by 1 minute of slow running, repeated 10 times (total duration: 20 minutes).
  • 30 seconds of rapid running followed by 1 minute of slow running, repeated 10 times (total duration: 15 minutes).

2. Running on a Treadmill: Which Programme for Toning Up?

Man on treadmill

The treadmill can be used to target and strengthen the glutes. The muscles exercised in this way increase in tone without increasing in volume. In this programme we play with the different slope angles available on the treadmill . The workout is not running, but walking. On each stride, try to push your limits and endurance, without leaning forwards.

Programme: Active Walked on a Sloped Treadmill

You need to maintain a constant speed throughout the programme. Adjust the speed to a level that is comfortable for you; if you are just starting out, try to start at 4/5kmh, if you're more experienced, try 6/7kmh. Start the training session with a 5-minute warm-up and 0% incline.


  • 2 minutes: incline at 4%
  • 2 minutes: incline at 6%
  • 2 minutes: incline at 8%
  • 3 minutes: incline at 10%
  • 2 minutes: incline at 12%
  • 3 minutes: incline at 10%
  • 2 minutes: incline at 8%
  • 2 minutes: incline at 6%
  • 2 minutes: incline at 3%

To maximise the toning effect, you can lengthen your workout sessions with an additional 20 minutes on a flat treadmill. The glutes will already be tired by the previous exercise and will continue to work deeply. Ideally, you should train regularly and repeat this programme 3 to 4 times per week.

3. Running on a Treadmill: Which Programme for Improving Endurance?

Man running on treadmill

With a treadmill, you can work out your entire cardiovascular system. The action of running stimulates blood circulation and also improves the efficiency of your heart. You'll improve your endurance, improve your breathing and become less tired. Interval training consists of alternating periods of intense workout (over a set distance or set period of time) and periods of recovery.

Programme: Interval Training

Start the training session with a 5-minute warm-up and 0% incline. Next, follow this training plan:

  • 2 mins at 0% incline
  • 2 mins at 6% incline
  • 2 mins at 8% incline
  • Recovery: 2 mins at 0% incline

Do 2 to 3 sets of this type, depending on your fitness. These variations will help your body to boost its endurance little by little and let you gradually extend the amount of time you exercise for.

4. Coach's Tips

  • Use the appropriate sports equipment (running shoes and clothing).
  • After each sessions, remember to stretch and hydrate yourself properly.
  • Allow a rest day in between each session to ensure better recovery.
  • Use a heart rate monitor when training to more efficiently control your heart rate.
  • Combine your training sessions with a balanced diet.


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