Do you feel stressed out and need a wellness break? How can you get rid of stress and ease the tension? Here are a few tips to apply as often as you like to feel more positive and calm, every single day!

De-stressing gently, isn't that what we should be learning to do every day?

When stress takes over your everyday life and it turns into a nightmare, it puts our biological clocks out of whack... Nervous tiredness, panic or unease, all of these things can poison us and affect our surroundings. From now on, at work or at home, adopt this mantra: "time to give myself a break", lock up your inner critic, stop them from bringing you down and pressurises you... Live life in the slow lane!

To help you, why not try these 5 tips to get rid of daily stress: calm, aromatherapy, breathing colours, flavours...

1. Enjoy the Feeling of Being Lulled

Have you ever tried to enjoy the surrounding silence and calm?

This might be difficult to achieve at home if you aren't often alone... Here is a tip to help: select a soothing tune, some relaxation music, some sacred music... If you can't listen to it privately, use some headphones... in just a few minutes, you are deep in the heart of the tune... a pure moment of freedom for the body and soul. Hearing is all part of relaxation so take the time to save these precious moments.

2. The Smell of Well-Being

Stress crib sheet

Being in touch with nature and the effects that it produces: the smell of flowers, the smell of the sea, the scent of a summer's night... anything that evokes the best memory, or which reminds us of a unique atmosphere...

Discover the benefits of aromatherapy! This alternative medicine uses essential oils to soothe, relieve and heal. For natural relaxation, try essential orange blossom oil or Neroli essence. The gentle and delightful fragrance is especially designed for anxiety. 

Anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue, anti-depressant, its soothing properties are also very effective against insomnia. If you are feeling tense, try to massage yourself or get someone to massage you with a few drops of oil!

3. Soothing Colours

Did you know that colour is what we first notice? Some colours can be stressful such as warm colours and red, whereas other, such as green, are soothing. Not all that surprising if you consider how good you feel after going for a walk in the great outdoors.

So use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate your interior decor and get rid of any dark colours that might be a source of stress. Nothing like a haven of peace to help you centre yourself.

Let light into your home for even more well-being. Darkness can be a downer. And now you are ready to move into your new cocoon: sunny with calm colours and relaxation... a place conducive to relaxation!

4. Breathe Through the Belly

Breath through belly exercise

We often forget that breathing uses many muscles, including the diaphragm, a muscle which uses the belly. Thus, we can understand why learning to breathe through the belly is essential and especially beneficial. In a state of calm, it's our belly that swells when you inspire because the lungs stretch downwards. However, in a state of stress, the diaphragm is paralyzed, preventing the lungs from going down. Result: the breathing is thoracic and incomplete.

So learn to breathe through the belly to help breathing. This way, your breathing will be slow and deep, perfect for relaxation and digestion alike (Yes, you are creating muscles in your belly). Here's an easy exercise:

Perform this abdominal breathing exercise sitting down against a wall or lying down on your back:

  • Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose
  • Place one hand on your belly and exhale through the mouth tucking in your belly slightly (voluntarily push with your hand to bring in the belly)
  • Then inhale through the nose only inflating the abdomen (belly swells)
  • Breath out slowly through the mouth (expiration is slower than inhalation)
  • Repeat the exercise 3 times in a row

5. Try Out Relaxation

You can't say it too often: balanced and healthy meals are the key to great health! Starting today, try to limit your guilty pleasures: alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, sodas, saturated fat... Remove these small treats that make it harder to enjoy inner peace and quiet...

Start the day with a fruit-filled breakfast: you can choose to eat 1 apple, 1 banana, 2 apricots, 1 pear... or a 100% fruit juice to top up with vitamin C. For your 11 o'clock snack, take 5 hazelnuts in your pocket: they are rich in magnesium (against stress), and phosphorus (against intellectual tiredness) but also in omega 9 (against bad cholesterol), these small nuts are packed with energy! If you don't like hazelnuts, choose a natural yoghurt instead: lactorphine is a real anxiolytic.


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